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CFBoA August 2018 Newsletter

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My name is Jeremy Wire and welcome to the first newsletter since taking over from the wonderful work Amy Starr did for so long. There may be a few glitches but hopefully they will get ironed out with experience. I hope you find it interesting.


Alasdair Maxwell of the Environment Agency and Zoe Hancock of Wessex Water will talk about Natural Flood Management, and how this might relate to the River Avon and the River Biss, catchments upstream from Bradford on Avon.

"Natural flood management (NFM) is managing flood risk by protecting, restoring and emulating the natural regulating function of catchments and rivers, has the potential to provide environmentally sensitive approaches to minimising flood risk, to reduce flood risk in areas where hard flood defences are not feasible, and to increase the lifespan of existing flood defences." More

Monday 20th August, 7.00 for 7.30pm

The Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1JU


'Retrofitting existing buildings for lower carbon emissions' with Dr Francis Moran, Research Associate, Centre for Energy and the Design of Environments (EDEn), University of Bath

Historic dwellings in the UK make up 20% of all homes and are amongst the most poorly performing part of the English housing stock in energy use terms, with the lowest SAP rating and highest average annual CO2 emissions.

Monday 17th September, 7.00 for 7.30pm

The Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1JU


It was timely to hear Dr Len Fisher at last months meeting on 'Ideas for How the World Can Manage Catastrophes Like Climate Change' and it's not a pretty picture. Slides from his talk are available here. The Main Messages he wanted to put across were: 'to cope with global catastrophic risks effectively, we need to tackle two key problems: co-operation and interconnectedness. The latter brings benefits, but also means that risk can become a reality with little or no warning'. He says 'Even when we can see the train coming (as with climate change), we don't know where the bits will land when it hits the buffers' and that 'We need new governance structures, and new attitudes to promote cooperation and flexibility in the face of sudden change'. He finished with a reassuring 'GOOD LUCK!'.


Well it's definitely summer - but is it a summer 'adjusted' by climate change? There has been a lot of stories in the news about the vagaries of the jet-stream - and its impacts: wildfires in Greece, Sweden, Saddleworth, California, Portugal and probably more. Record temperatures in Japan, drought in New South Wales.

I have received a small number of emails with links to quite lengthy reports associated with the recent unusual global weather, ways of mobilising a societal response, how the media has covered it and the possible implications for humankind. Because of their length and probable longevity, we are also making them available on our Facebook page.

The oldest (2017) is a rather hypnotic pulsing circular bar graph of global temperature over the last 100 years or so from CityLab here. 'Hothouse Earth': You may well have seen this all over the news and in media from the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Three Worlds, a campaign strategy site had this call-to-arms based on that recent report. The media have of course been having a field day, and MediaLens, a rather interesting media analysis site had this perspective.

Finally, this is a link to a rather frightening scenario received from Nikki Jones, a previous speaker on Land Use and Climate Change. It's called Deep Adaptation Climate Tragedy. I recommend having a stiff drink nearby for afterwards!


Liz Stephens and Jill Johns led a guided walk from Barton Bridge in Bradford on Avon to Hartley Farm. On the way we spent time in North Meadow; learning about the biodiversity project, the extensive tree planting (and identifying the varieties of native trees), and enjoying the wildflower meadow with its many species of wild flowers and butterflies.

At Hartley Farm, Richard and Tom Bowles gave us a most informative talk and walk around their farm. They discussed the challenges they face as farmers but also their passion and wish to make their farm sustainable by working with nature and the local community. Read more…..


There will be a number of stands including one from Climate Friendly BoA. If you might be able to help man this please email  In any case do come along to support this great initiative and stay for the lunch afterwards, a good chance to chat and exchange views and ideas.


ebikeconverter is a local family run business converting all types of bicycles into electric bikes. Ebikes are just a normal bike - but have the assistance there if you need it! We convert ordinary bikes into ebikes using the renowned Bafang mid drive system at a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new ebike. 

As very keen cyclists we would love to see more people cycling, less pollution and fewer cars on the road! Our aim is to get people out of their cars and onto their bikes - commuters not wanting to break a sweat, or pushed for time, or with nowhere to park. Or those who just want to explore more but are just afraid they may not make it home or up that last hill!  

This system comprises a powerful 250w road legal mid-drive motor integrated into the cranks, keeping the centre of gravity low and making the bike feel perfectly balanced.  Power is produced by a 36v, 13ah rechargeable battery that fits neatly onto the down tube by use of the bottle cage bolts and can be slid in and out when charging is required. 

Control is through a programmable computer with LCD display and a range of assistance modes; a full power thumb throttle for those tough climbs; a speed sensor; and brake levers with cut out safety and waterproof harness connectors.

If you would like any more information or would like to test ride our demo bike please contact Peter Ellis,


Next meeting 8th August 6pm at The Swan

Future events:

8th September: Interactive Science Day at The Mead, Trowbridge.

  • 3 hands on practical activities will be undertaken by CFB. Volunteers needed (11am - 3pm)

20th August: Workday at Bearfield 

  • Cutting back the growth around the orchard, planting seeds etc. Volunteers needed (10am-12noon)


A count seems to indicate that there are around 100 swifts presently using our space.

If you have any records of nesting, or would like a nest box (£5) please contact climatechampions in the usual way.


1. BoA Thursday morning market: Jonathan Francis of Avonleigh Orchards will be selling his own biodynamically produced fruit and veg (local, environmentally-friendly produce at its best) through August at our wonderful local market, whilst Alice Boden of Mayfield Organics takes a well-deserved summer break. Alice will be back on 6th September, selling produce from other suppliers also.

2. Visit to Hartley Farm: The “Farm and Nature Walk and Talk” on 4th August was a shared initiative between the SFADG and the Biodiversity Group. It was a very interesting and enjoyable event. Thanks to all involved. See separate item for the feedback.

3. Farming shortfalls of crops as a result of the prolonged global heatwave and the possibility of food shortages if there is a no-deal Brexit highlight the vulnerability of our food supplies. Read more….

4. Organic farm showing more resilience to this extraordinary summer weather, compared with conventional farming neighbours Helen Browning, CEO of the Soil Association, talks about why that is the case on her farm blog in July.

5. Grounded: the head chef, Louie, from this BoA riverside eaterie selects fresh fish from the wonderful Harts Seafoods stand at our (Library carpark) Thursday morning market each week for their weekly market specials, according to the August edition of Life in Bradford on Avon. Mmmn….sounds good! Remember when choosing seafood to select fish rated 1-3 by the Marine Conservation Society, with 1 being the most sustainable option.

6. Next SFADG meeting: Tuesday, 11th September 7.30-9.30pm. All welcome, however date and venue to be confirmed, so check the website before coming, or contact and ask to be included on the SFADG circulation list.


2018 will be remembered as the year the world woke up to the plastic peril, thanks in no small part to the “Blue Planet 2” series, and the film “A Plastic Ocean”. The revelation of the damage being done by plastic to the natural world came as a shock to many.  We have come a long way from celebrating plastic as a wonder material to modern “Return the Plastic” events at supermarkets.


In Bradford on Avon local businesses and organisations have been stepping up to the challenge, and we have highlighted some of these changes and support in this Facebook group. Some local businesses have phased out plastic straws and stirrers, encouraged people to bring their own containers for refills, and there is talk of one or more water fountains though nothing yet provided. 


In order to recognise the achievements in Bradford on Avon, “Plastic-free Bradford on Avon” is to give Plastic Reduction Awards. There are two categories, one for the business community such as the shops, supermarkets, restaurants, pubs and cafes, one for organisations such as the council, schools and community and sports groups.


What we are looking for is not just the “greenest” business or organisation as these may be fairly easy to identify, but those that have made the greatest shift from their baseline at the start of 2018 to reduce plastic .


If you would like to nominate a business or organisation please post its name in the group along with the reasons. You are welcome to nominate your own business/organisation. The deadline is 31st December and we will announce the winners in January 2019.


Jessica Thimbleby who gave a talk in May on Waste and Recycling in Wiltshire has asked us to give this link to her presentation.


Save your old cartridges and phones from landfill. Visit to find out how to re-cycle your empty printer cartidges and mobile phones in aid of the Against Malaria Foundation. This seems very efficient, they send you a freepost label to print out so you don't have to pay postage. 


Friday 31st August to Sunday 2nd September

Come along and join us for our 7th Annual Walking Festival.  There will be 14 walks, several on an environmental theme, including bat and bird spotting and wild food foraging. They will all be all exploring the local area and ranging in length from 1.5 miles to 15 miles. You'll need to be quick though as 5 walks are already sold out.

Tickets are available from Holidays and Cruises in Silver Street. Full details are on the BoA Walkers are Welcome website



Here are some ways you can still do your bit in the campaign against climate change:
  • If it's edible and accessible: map it here at
  • Getting away from it all (without flying!) More
  • Join the Together against Trump: Climate Bloc
  • Follow David Attenborough's advice and leave a spoonful of sugar to help bees. More
  • Sign this petition calling on major supermarkets to ban small clear plastic bags used for fruit and vegetables.
  • Swap plastic for a bamboo toothbrush. Last month we suggested buying online but bamboo toothbrushes are also available from Christine's Sustainable Supermarket on Silver Street, Bradford on Avon.​


  • Trees, pollution and health cost savings   More
  • Family time is as good as getting away.  More
  • Great news, you'll soon be able to recycle even more! More
  • Low carbon energy from parks! More
  • Win for Wind More
  • Solar becomes the UK’s number one source of energy due to heatwave. More
  • Paper straw factory to open in Britain as restaurants ditch plastic. More
  • New homes to be built with EV chargers in bid to accelerate green car switch. More
  • Ireland becomes the first nation to commit to divest from fossil fuel companies. More
  • California emissions back to 90's levels. More


Monday 20th August: Natural flood management in the Bristol Avon/Biss  - Alasdair Maxwell and Zoe Hancock

Monday 17th September: Retrofitting existing buildings for lower carbon emissions - Dr Francis Moran, Research Associate, Centre for Energy and the Design of Environments (EDEn), University of Bath

All meetings 7.00 for 7.30pm

The Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1JU


Monday 20th August: Workday at Bearfield - Cutting back the growth around the orchard, planting seeds etc. Volunteers needed 10am-12noon

Wednesday 22nd August: Deadline for Widbrook Woods notifications - see article above

Friday 31st August - Sunday 2nd September: Bradford on Avon Walking Festival (see above)

Saturday 8th September:
  • A Greener Bradford. Holy Trinity Church, 10-30am-2pm
  • Interactive Science Day at The Mead, Trowbridge. 3 hands on practical activities will be undertaken by CFB. Volunteers needed 11am - 3pm

Tuesday 11th September: SFDG meeting. venue tbc 7.30pm - 9.30pm


If you use Twitter please do follow CFBoA - our Twitter name is @goingzero2050. It is all good publicity for what we do. Our Facebook page is full of information and is always really up to date with the latest climate news and you can see this (though not contribute) even if you are not on Facebook. You can find it by clicking here



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