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On a recent trip to Venice, CFB Chair, Rachel Berger, found a very impressive list of what could be recycled (see right) and thought "if Venice, where all waste has to be collected by boat, can sort and recycle such a range of materials, why cannot our Council?"

It is not always clear what we can recycle in the Bradford on Avon community area, especially as Wiltshire County Council has appointed a new contractor and changes to the kerbside recycling collections are due to start this summer.  We are making arrangements for a speaker to shed some light at one of our monthly meetings, so look out for further details soon. You may like to register for waste service updates from the Council here and see our small steps towards carbon neutrality section below for details on how to recycle plastic wrap and packaging. 


Please note that this meeting is in place of the AGM (notice of which was sent out last week) as we realise that since this is a new organisation it is not correct procedure to call the meeting an AGM.

There will be a formal part to the meeting followed by refreshments and a screening of climate change films. As many readers of this newsletter will know, CFB has for some years operated as a Community Interest Company. This has proved onerous for the people appointed as directors, and there is no longer any perceived benefit for achieving the objectives of CFB to be set up as a CIC. The CIC is going through the formal and lengthy process of dissolution, and meanwhile the new, simpler, community group with a new committee needs to be set up and will be inaugurated on Monday 19th March.

Please refer to the separate mailing for the agenda and constitution to be agreed at the meeting.

Monday 19th March, 7.00 for 7.30pm

The Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1JU



FIFA recently described Forest Green Rovers as the greenest football club in the world.  Helen Taylor, CEO of Forest Green Rovers will tell us how and why they achieved this accolade. Recent promotion to League Two means the club can spread their sustainability message to an even larger audience.

Monday 16th April, 7.00 for 7.30pm

The Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1JU



Many thanks to Nikki Jones for her interesting talk on Land Use and Climate Change at our meeting in February. Read Roger Jones' summary here. You may like to take a look at  this video explaining the importance of healthy soil for the planet: The Soil Story




There is so much information out there on how we can change our lifestyle to create less plastic waste. We've picked a couple of articles where the writers share their experiences of living without plastic:

Nappies, takeaways and bubble wrap: could I remove plastic from my life?

I lived without plastic for a week – and this is what I want you to know

For alternative products, take a look at and/or visit the Environmental Shopping Network to find out how to make positive changes to your shopping habits. This is a relatively new site so make contact via the site if you can suggest anything to add to the list of sustainable products. 



Exciting new opportunities to buy local food and drink in the near future
Various plans are afoot to make well-produced, local food much more easily available in the Bradford on Avon area over the coming months, the SFADG has been hearing. These include increased opportunities for online weekly ordering of seasonal produce from local producers, a new local box scheme and additional weekly markets in Bradford on Avon with local food and drink producers. More details will be given in next month's newsletter. These could be the opportunities that you have been looking for to change your shopping habits! If you would like to make shopping more of a pleasure (for all the family), know exactly where your food comes from, and be able to enjoy the flavours and freshness of local food: watch this space and tell your family and friends.

Saturday 4th August: 'Farm and Nature Walk and Talk’: A guided walk from Bradford on Avon to Hartley Farm will include indentification of trees, flowers and wildlife. The Bowles family have kindly agreed to show the group around and discuss some of their plans, issues and challenges and also talk about wildlife and biodiversity habitat on the farm. The walk will be open to non-CFB members too and numbers will be limited. This is a shared SFADG and Biodiversity Group initiative. Full details to be confirmed later



Here are some ways you can do your bit in the campaign against climate change.
  • Add your name to the Parliament petition to reduce and end unnecessary single use plastics here
  • Sign the petition to Introduce a 5p Charge on Disposable Coffee Cups here, to encourage the Government to reconsider its decision to reject the "latte levy" 
  • Join Friends of the Earth's Clean Air campaign - order an air testing kit and sign a pledge to ditch diesel here
  • Switch to Ecosia and plant trees while you search the web!
  • Consider participating in a great crested newt clearance scheme at Mere. Contact for more information.
  • Make a donation to Wiltshire Music Centre's 20th Anniversary campaign to switch all auditorium lighting to LEDs. All donations will be match funded by the Coles-Medlock Foundation. More.
  • Buy a 4Ocean bracelet and and support the campaign to remove plastic waste from the ocean and coastlines. More
  • Add your name to this petition to protect public parks and green spaces. Sign
  • Donate to Friends of the Earth and receive a bee saving kit here
  • Attend a Vehicle Idling Action Bath Training and Action event and think about setting up something similar in the Bradford on Avon area. More
  • Organise a litter pick. The Great British Spring Clean campaign has been extended to 25th March in order to give communities a chance to rearrange events that could not go ahead in the snow. We are still on the look out for volunteers to arrange litter picks in and around Bradford on Avon. If you could help organise this, or would like to take part, please email Further information is available here.. 



Did you know that a range of plastic film and packaging can be taken to the plastic carrier bag recycling points at most major supermarkets, not just bags? This includes plastic magazine and newspaper wrapping, bread bags and bubble wrap. These collection points are often very full (as you can see!) so as an alternative, a range of plastic packaging can be sent to Polyprint for recycling. For the contact details and a full list of what can be recycled visit




  • Grant awarded to set up community fridge to cut food waste in BoA. More 
  • Glastonbury festival set to ban plastic bottles in 2019. More
  • PG tips announces switch to plastic-free fully biodegradable teabags. More
  • Crossrail will generate electricity using the wind created by trains. More 
  • A eureka moment for the planet: we’re finally planting trees again. More
  • World's first plastic-free aisle opens in Netherlands supermarket. More
  • Taiwan Commits to Banning Plastic Items by 2030. More


The following items are still on offer after we cleared the store last month. Please email if you are interested.

Shopping Trolleys

Walking to the shops will certainly be easier with one of our strong and splendidly manoeuverable shopping trolleys. There are three blue trolleys left, available at half price (£20) - a real bargain!


Pledge Game

This is a handmade game which has been used successfully many times by CFB but is quite large. People make pledges of things they will do to reduce their carbon footprint and then put marbles in a basket which is on a balance and if enough pledges are made it eventually lifts up a greenhouse exposing a globe. Probably best for groups. Say if interested and we can discuss further on the phone! (07507 782523).



Monday 19th March: General meeting to establish CFB as an unincorporated association (in place of AGM)

Monday 16th April: The Greenest in the League - Helen Taylor, CEO of Forest Green Rovers

Both meetings 7.00 for 7.30pm

The Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1JU



Saturday 24th March: Corsham Great British Spring Clean Litter Pick. Meet outside Co-op at 10am.

Monday 26th March: Vehicle Idling Action Bath Training and Action Afternoon. Bath YMCA, 2.15pm. More

Tuesday 27th March: Transcoco Meeting - Brainstorming how to make Corsham and surrounding areas a plastic waste-free zone. Pound Arts Centre, Corsham, 7.30pm.

Saturday 31st March: Owl, kestrel and bat box workshop. Avonleigh (head to top of the vineyard) 9am-12 noon 

Saturday 28th April: Vehicle Idling Action Bath Training and Action Morning. Bath YMCA, 10.15am. More

Thursday 24th May: Vehicle Idling Action Bath Training and Action Day. 10.15am and 2pm. More

Saturday 4th August: CFBoA Farm and Nature Walk to Hartley Farm. Details to follow. 



If you use Twitter please do follow CFBoA - our Twitter name is @goingzero2050. It is all good publicity for what we do. Our Facebook page is full of information and is always really up to date with the latest climate news and you can see this (though not contribute) even if you are not on Facebook. You can find it by clicking here


Would you like to demonstrate your commitment to CFB's work and

become a paid-up member?  Find out more at the next meeting on Monday 19th March. 

You can find out more and 
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