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CFBoA November 2017 newsletter

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Public support for renewable energy is at an all time high and support for fracking has hit a record low. More. This should give us hope, however the planning system is rigged in support of fracking and stacked against new onshore wind power, which according to 10:10, has been effectively banned in the UK. You can sign a petition here to make the rules fair.

Don't worry, it is not all doom and gloom. A tipping point could be close and "a series of fast-moving global megatrends, spurred by trillion-dollar investments, indicates that humanity might be able to avert the worst impacts of global warming." More 


Unfortunately Alina who was to talk to us in November is unwell and so unable to come. Instead we will welcome back Cliff Yuill from Custom E Bikes, the electric bike shop in Market Street, BoA, who spoke and demonstrated his bike at one of our AGMs. Cliff will tell us about some of the new models and other developments. Electric bikes can really help in reducing emissions from traffic in the town and it will be great to hear from Cliff again and have a look at one of his bikes.

Cliff's talk will follow our EGM. See below for the EGM details.

Last month, Catherine Cherry of Cardiff University, talked about Sustainable Consumption and the Circular Economy. See a summary of the meeting by Roger Jones here. Perhaps we can take some inspiration from Sweden where shoppers are making a positive contribution to the Circular Economy by supporting a shopping centre dedicated to second-hand goods. More


Monday 20th November 7.00 for 7.30pm. EGM Followed by the talk by Cliff Yuill

Quaker Meeting House, 1 Whiteheads Lane, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1JU 


All members of CFBoA are invited to take part in a short EGM which will take place at 7.30pm on 20th November 2017 at the Quaker Meeting House. This meeting will precede the routine monthly meeting.

In our last newsletter, the directors put to the members, a motion to approve the voluntary dissolution of CFBoA as a Community Interest Company (CIC). If approved by vote at the EGM, Climate Friendly BoA will continue as a Community Action Group with an operating committee, a chair, a secretary, a treasurer, and the existing six group structure.


If you are unable to attend the EGM but wish to have a proxy vote please contact:


The directors recommend support for this motion and would like to stress that CFBoA will continue to function with its six special groups as before, just not as a CIC.



CFBoA Chair, Nigel Gerdes, has produced a report on Transport using Fossil Fuel, Air Pollution and Bradford on Avon. Discovering the toxicity of our own car emissions can be difficult as this article suggests.  

Are you considering replacing your car? Items in the press may imply that electric cars are not be as 'green' as they appear, however there is evidence to debunk this myth. More. A further study indicates that electric vehicles emit less carbon dioxide over their lifetime than diesel or petrol vehicles, even if they are powered by electricity generated from the dirtiest of fossil fuels. More.


10/10 are running a campaign to persuade county councils to change street lighting over to LEDs, thus saving themselves tonnes of carbon emissions as well as money.  Sadly, at pesent they say that only 3% of Wiltshire's street lighting uses LEDs, one of the worst performances of any county. Please follow this link to find out if your neighbourhood has gone LED and write to your local county councillor to ask them to rectify the situation.



A petition has been started to introduce 5p charge for each disposable coffee cup used. A trial in Cardiff saw a dramatic reduction in coffee cup waste and encouraged the use of reusable cups instead. It is hoped the charge on coffee cups will be as effective as the charge on plastic bags, which lead to an 83% reduction in use. Sign the petition here.



Catch CFBoA member, Jess Thimbleby on BBC Wiltshire talking about the Refill project and plastic waste. Jess' interview is around 30 minutes into the programme but we recommend listening to the first 40 minutes of the show including the discussion regarding plastic recycling in Wiltshire.

This video of a plastic mass floating in the Caribbean provides an uncomfortable reminder of why action on plastic bottle waste is essential. There has been a call for a ban on oxo-degradable packaging after research revealed that it does not biodegrade safely in nature. More.



You have just a short time left to help shape a ten year strategy on how Wiltshire Council collects and manages household waste and recycling.

A consultation got underway in September, to canvass your views to ensure the strategy is representative of your opinions and enables you to reduce, re-use and recycle the waste you produce at home. 

The consultation is open until 14 November and can be found here.



Climate Friendly BoA member, Ruth Walton, is writing an ethical shopping blog

Ruth says: "It's an idea that's brewed for a while, but I was recently kick-started into action when I found out that the organic, fairtrade unbleached teabags which I've drunk (and composted) for years actually contain plastic." Do have a look.

Ruth is a children's author and writes: "I'm also fundraising for Dominica, which I visited in 2013 when researching Juliana's Bananas. It's been completely devastated by Hurricane Maria." In Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit's speech he directly attributes this to climate change. It is very moving and definitely worth a watch.

Read more from Ruth here.



Rachel Berger has been attending the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn. Read Rachel's report from Day 3 here.




Thermal Imaging season runs from November to February. Soon we will be contacting the people we were unable to visit last year to check if they would still like a thermal imaging assessment. If you would like to book a survey, please call 07507 782523 or email Read our Thermal Imaging update here.



Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary 

You may have seen the amazing photography of the extraordinary richness of marine life in Antarctica in Sir David Attenborough's Blue Planet II series. Climate change and an expanding commercial fishing industry are nevertheless now having adverse effects on the wildlife of the region. The UK Government is part of the Antarctic Ocean Commission, which has pledged to protect the Antarctic. Sign the Greenpeace petition here to ask the UK Government to take a clear stance and throw its full weight behind the negotiations for the proposals for an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary. For more information see here and read 10 reasons to create marine reserves around Antarctica here.

Climate change is leading to acidification of the oceans as they absorb more carbon dioxide. Temperature rise and ocean flow current changes are also occurring and fish stocks are migrating to different areas of the marine environment, with many species in the northern hemisphere moving north or to deeper, cooler water. Overfishing, damage to the marine environment through fishing methods such as bottom trawling and pollution of fresh and marine water bodies, all put the natural world and our future food security at risk. Reduced fish stocks also mean that fishing boats travel further for lower levels of catches, thereby increasing fuel emissions.

The Wildlife Trusts called on Government in 2016 to create 48 new Marine Conservation Areas in addition to the 50 that have already been designated, The Irish Sea is one of the most overfished areas in the UK. Fishing quotas, conservation areas and action against pollution have had marked benefits where they have been introduced.

Nathan Outlaw's British Seafood published by Quadrille, highlights the best season to eat different fish for flavour and to avoid their spawning season. A wide variety of somewhat lesser known fish which make very good eating, caught around the British coast, are included (along with great recipes), such as: megrim, witch, bream, gurnard, John Dory, ling, skate, mullet and whiting. Most of these, and many other species, are available from Harts Natural Seafoods, which brings a fantastic variety of wonderfully fresh fish each week to the Thursday morning market in the Library carpark in Bradford on Avon. Many are line-caught and all have the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) rating marked: choose 1-3 (with 1 being the highest environmental rating). 

Next SFADG meeting:

Tuesday 14th November, 7.30-9.30pm in The Swan Hotel, BoA.

The Biodiversity Group will join us for this meeting to discuss areas of shared interest. Jackie Allan will join us to discuss local food producer representation at Lamb Yard events. 

All welcome.


Many in the group will remember Jean Maitland who was one of our founder members and always very active in CFBoA until she moved to live nearer her family. Sadly she died in July this year and on Saturday, October 28th a celebration of her life was held in Holy Trinity Church in Bradford on Avon. We thought that some of you might like to read the tribute to Jean read out at the celebration  by Rowena Quantrill on behalf of Climate Friendly BoA. 



The UK could be facing the harshest winter since 2010 due to the La Niña weather phenomenon more.

Read some some tips on how to heat your home most effectively this winter: 

Five no cost tricks to make the most of your heating and 

Five more tricks to make the most of your heating



Are you planning to upgrade your smart phone? It would be great if you would donate your old smart phone to CFBoA. Currently, we use a very old mobile phone that provides voice and text services only and the cost of these services is extremely high when compared with newer packages that include data. Equipped with a smart phone, the CFBoA Climate Champions would be able to monitor emails on the go and make maximum use of social media, occasionally posting Tweets accompanied by photographs of events, as they happen! Please get in touch if you have a smart phone to donate or would like to discuss this further: Please title your email 'Smart Phone Offer’.



If you use twitter please do follow CFBoA - our twitter name is @goingzero2050. It is all good publicity for what we do. Our facebook page is full of information and is always really up to date with the latest climate news and you can see this (though not contribute) even if you are not on Facebook. You can find it by clicking here




Locally 1: Wiltshire Music Centre comes top in the west in the M&S Energy Fund for new LED lighting. More 

Locally 2: The wild flower meadow disguised as a power station in Wiltshire. More

Nationally: UK will back total ban on bee-harming pesticides, Michael Gove reveals More

Globally 1: Germany generated enough wind power at the weekend to give consumers free energy More

Globally 2: A supercharging highway for electric vehicles is coming to Europe. More



Monday 20th November: EGM followed by a talk on Developments in Electric Bikes by Cliff Yuill, Custom E Bikes, Quaker Meeting House, BoA.
Monday 18th December: Christmas Party in Wallington Hall (formerly know as the Masonic Hall)

Monday 15th January: Strategy Meeting in Wallington Hall 



Tuesday 14th November: Sustainable Food and Drink Group/Biodiversity Group Meeting, The Swan Hotel, BoA, 7.30-9.30pm

Friday 24th November: Business4Life Water Aid Fundraiser - FermentFest, Green Park Station, Bath, 12-10pm. More

Tuesday 28th November: Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment Seminar: Energy Storage: From Hearing Aids to Hydropower, 4.30-5.45pm, 8 West 3.22 lecture theatre, University of BathMore


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