Over by Christmas?

The very civil war in the Spectator continues.

The sudden about-face at the Spectator has left a few of
their staff a bit dizzy and unsure about which direction they should be pointing

One of their writers, Hugo Rifkind, noticed something interesting about
Viscount Ridley’s latest piece, something also mentioned here and here, but perhaps best described in the letter
Rifkind wrote to his own magazine –

And to their eternal credit, the Spectator published it. So
full marks for editor @FraserNelson.

Hugo Rifkind tweeted this, and Viscount Ridley responded:

Rifkind replied ‘I'm sorry Matt, but I think it
considerably less misleading than your piece.’

And hilarity ensued.

I strongly recommend anyone interested
in this issue to go and read the entire @hugorifkind vs. @mattwridley twitter
spat, which consists of nearly all of their combined twittering for 10/04/14. Look out for a late contribution from @TheGWPF.

I’ve read it five times. I think I might go and read it
again now.

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