Christmas is ON!

All rights reserved. Credit: Dave Walker / Greenpeace

Don’t you love a good news story at Christmas? As if the Arctic 30 being granted an amnesty isn’t enough to warm your Christmas cockles, today Santa's announced that Christmas won’t be cancelled after all!

You may have seen Santa’s Christmas message earlier this month – where he makes a desperate plea for help to protect his melting home at the North Pole. Well he’s been so inspired and touched by the show of support, he’s wrung out his best Christmas socks, harnessed narwhals to his sleigh, and struggled on with deliveries regardless. 

The elves (as you might imagine) are ecstatic. In fact one over excited elf called Noel appears to have taken over the website – which has a DIY feel to it today!

This is a story of resilience and hope against the odds. Good on you Santa! This year we can all sleep well on Christmas Eve, knowing that Father Christmas is doing his thing. But the soggy bottom line is the North Pole is still melting. And oil companies still want to drill further north as the ice melts.

It has been an incredible year for the campaign to save the Arctic. And I’m not surprised that Santa has been inspired and empowered by the millions of people who are standing up to help save his home. But there is still a long way to go to safeguard the beautiful and amazing Arctic.

In the New Year the battle to protect the Arctic will go on. We’re still campaigning for an Arctic sanctuary, we’re still campaigning against Arctic oil drilling, and we’re still pushing for a world powered by clean technology, a world no longer facing the threat of man-made climate change.

But for now – please let me wish you a very merry Christmas and New Year.

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