Now is the time to tackle the UK's water issues

Sunrise over the River Nar, Norfolk

Richard Benyon - the Ex Environmental Minister - has today called for action to tackle water issues facing the UK.

In his piece in the featured in today's Observer Benyon warned that "Britain runs the risk of future droughts unless we put in place proper reform, management and investment."

Following the article WWF welcomed the comments and echoed his calls for action to protect our natural heritage, public supply and ensure bills remain affordable.

WWF-UK's freshwater expert - Rose O'Neill - said “Richard Benyon is right to highlight that the government needs to take action now to tackle the hidden water crisis.

"In this water bill the government must include long-overdue powers to reform the archaic abstraction system and address water affordability and sustainability with new legislation on metering and social tariffs and a new remit for Ofwat.”

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