People's Assembly Session: Climate Crisis, Austerity and Climate Jobs

Saturday 22nd June, 11-12.15 am, Central Hall, Westminster, London

We are organising a session as part of the The People’s Assembly to discuss Climate Crisis, Austerity and Climate Jobs.

How does climate change fit into the anti-austerity movement?

Investment in renewables and energy efficiency has the potential to lift the flagging economy. The UK renewables industry is worth more than £12.5 billion, and if the government honours its EU 2020 renewables targets, the industry could directly emply 40,000 people.

The case has been made for one million climate jobs in the UK. The more we can argue for jobs, the more we can narrow the gap between anti-austerity and climate movements. Putting thousands to work in meaningful and sustainable employment will also help build the infrastructure to help tackle spiralling climate change.

It is important to understand and respect the differences between the environment and anti-austerity movements; climate change must be seen as part of the answer to the problem of austerity not just another problem to tackle.

The speakers are:

•        Charles Secrett, ACT!, on Climate science

•        Chris Baugh, PCS union, on Climate jobs - the alternative to austerity

•        Manuel Cortes, TSSA rail union, on  Public Transport including public ownership, fair fares and integration!

The session will be chaired by Caroline Lucas (Green Party MP)

For more information on this session, and others on the day, you can visit the People's Assembly website, and the Facebook event page.


Saturday, June 22, 2013 - 11:00 to 12:15

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