Total won’t drill for oil in Virunga World Heritage Site

Virunga National Park, Congo

Great news from France - oil company Total has made an assurance that it won’t explore for oil within the boundaries of Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). At the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Paris on Friday, chairman and CEO Christophe de Margerie responded to questions posed by WWF-France by confirming that Total is making a “commitment to respect the current limits” of the park, Africa’s oldest World Heritage Site.

Virunga National Park is recognised by UNESCO and the DRC government as a place of outstanding natural value.

Oil exploration there is simply unacceptable - we want to preserve Virunga for the people that depend on it for their sustainable livelihoods.

We’re pleased Total has given this clear and comprehensive assurance that they won’t conduct any oil exploration or exploitation activities inside Virunga National Park.

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