Greenpeace and Pulp join together for their hometown show in Sheffield

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Jarvis shows his support for protecting the Arctic

Observer Magazine calls it the biggest ecological
campaign of our generation: Greenpeace have
joined forces with Jarvis Cocker to help Save The Arctic.

The campaign is now entering its sixth month. Our aim is to see the unclaimed area around the
North Pole become a global sanctuary. We are not going to stand by while unscrupulous
companies take advantage of this unprotected area and destroy it through oil
exploration and overfishing. The Arctic needs to be dedicated to peace and
science, not oil and destruction.

Jarvis Cocker, lead singer of the widely acclaimed British band, Pulp,
has been to the Arctic and has witnessed its beauty first-hand.

"Not that I'm a massive expert, but when I heard that they wanted to dig it up, I thought: hold on a minute – that's not good."

Jarvis Cocker 2012.

Pulp will play a Christmas homecoming show on the December 8th at the Motorpoint arena in Sheffield. We'll be there with Paula the polar bear asking Pulp fans to become arctic defenders by joining our ever-growing Arctic scroll. Once we
reach our target of 5 million names we will present the scroll to the world leaders. The Arctic needs to be made into a global
sanctuary and the area protected before it’s too late.

We hope to see you there in Sheffield so you can help
us help save the Arctic.

Let us know if you're going on twitter, by tweeting @GreenpeaceUK

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