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“Well-meaning but somewhat naïve”?

“Well-meaning but somewhat naïve”?

Academics condemn government’s attack on trade unions as ‘perverse’

British unions aren’t too powerful – they’re too weak, say industrial relations academics, condemning the government’s Trade Union Bill as “the fie

Brazil’s satellite-dodging loggers recast deforestation fight

NEWS: Hard-to-detect small-scale clearance of Amazon rainforest makes up half of country's tree-cutting rate, says study

Climate change is worsening California drought – study

NEWS: State could be in "more or less permanent" drought by 2060s, researchers warn as four-year dry spell takes its toll

Tackling climate not in Poland’s interest, says Duda

NEWS: New president warns Warsaw will push EU for more concessions on its greenhouse gas emissions and coal use

China carbon emissions overestimated by 14% – report

GUARDIAN: New analysis takes fuel quality into account for first time, but China is still world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases

WWF and National Geographic Teaming Up in "Last Ice Area"


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Nine companies including Glencore, Rio Tinto and BP targeted over membership of Brussels...

John Ray Initiative:

[Editors Note: This is the text (slightly shortened) of a complaint sent by Dr Golding to the...

Columban JPIC:


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