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Unicef statement on attacks in Qamishli and Idlib

Statement attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Syria Representative, on attacks in Qamishli and Idlib

Homecare workers, illegal payments and when the sums just don’t add up

It used to take Judith Montgomery three and a half hours to earn two hours’ pay.

UNISON urges government to end national scandal over homecare minimum wage cheats

Failure to honour the minimum wage is endemic across the care sector as many homecare workers are unpaid for the time they travel between home visi

Columban Society JPIC Statement: Economic Justice

The Columban Missionary Society has produced a statement of policy on Economic Justice.

Labour leadership – consultation

In early August, the UNISON Labour Link committee will be meeting to discuss their nomination for leader of the Labour Party.

Who is your Health Hero?

Do you know a support worker in the NHS who deserves national recognition for their dedication? Perhaps you’re one yourself?

Time to turn the tide on hatred

Summer should be a time of warmth and light, but weather aside, there seems precious little of either quality around at the moment.

UNISON warns against outsourcing of NHS support services staff

UNISON has warned health chiefs that any outsourcing of support service functions is “likely to lead to opposition” from members.

Academy chiefs helping themselves?

Leaders of academy schools are spending taxpayers’ money on luxury hotels, top-end restaurants, first-class travel, pri

UNISON seeking legal advice for EU migrant members 

In the wake of the Brexit vote last month, many EU migrant workers are worried about their status in the UK.


Member stories


The last thing that should happen in the modern workplace is women being penalised for having...


Justice Secretary Liz Truss has confirmed that the UK Government will pursue plans to repeal the...

Columban JPIC:

Parish visit to St John the Baptist, Hackney, Archdiocese of Westminster by Fr.

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