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Yeb Sano: Vanuatu’s grief is a warning of climate impacts to come

INTERVIEW: Senior Philippines climate official says Cyclone Pam underlines need for effective extreme weather compensation scheme

Obama: Some elected US officials are “shills” for the oil sector

NEWS: US president takes on climate sceptic lawmakers and expresses hope for a climate deal in Vice interview

Disaster risk talks ‘could break down’ under weight of climate politics

NEWS: Observers warn countries may fail to reach an effective deal in Sendai to limit the risk of natural disasters

Antarctic snowfall set to increase as region warms

NEWS: More snow could fall in Antarctica, with the ice that builds up flowing to the ocean and raising sea levels

EU demand for leather, soy and palm oil driving illegal deforestation

NEWS: Campaigners say bloc must tighten import laws, citing loss of 2.4 million hectares of tropical forests to farmers and industry

Climate politics waters down ambition of UN disaster risk deal

NEWS: As climate impacts start to bite, lack of funding assurances split rich and poor at key disaster summit in Sendai

Experiences of FLAME 2

Columban lay missionaries  based in Birmingham share their experience at Flame 2 By Rosalia Basada Once again I attended the Flame National Catholi

Wind ‘can meet’ a third of US power demand by 2050

NEWS: Renewable source could supply 10% of electricity by 2020 and 20% by 2030 with policy stability, says energy department

Oxford University delays fossil fuel divestment decision

NEWS: Campaigners disappointed as University Council puts off decision on future of £3.8bn endowment until May

List: the three mega-trends that mean we’re winning the carbon war

“A bold new beginning”. That’s how the E.ON’s CEO, Johannes Teyssen describes his company’s decision to ditch fossil fuels and focus on renewables.


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Leading scientist warns the world's poor are not safe under internationally agreed warming...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

UNA-UK's Policy & Advocacy Officer, Hayley Richardson, has recently returned from a visit to...

UK GHG emissions dropped by 8.4% 2013 - 2014

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