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Parish visit to Our Lady & St Edward, Fulwood.

Parish visit to Our Lady & St Edward, Fulwood. Diocese of Lancaster. by Fr. Denis Carter SSC

Parish visit to Sacred Heart, Hillsborough.

Parish visit to Sacred Heart, Hillsborough.. Diocese of Hallam by Fr. Gerry Markey SSC

Biggest EU investors are partly aligned with Paris Agreement but more efforts needed

July/ August Far East Out Now!

In the July/August 2017 edition of the Far East we follow the personal experiences and emotions of the lay and ordained Columban community working

Double deputation!!

On June 29 morning, Spokes was making 2 deputations – one at Edinburgh Council (on tramlines and city centre issues) and one at th

WWF welcomes report recommending climate-related financial disclosures in finance sector

Cedars, Animals and Humans – Habbakuk 2:17 by Rev Keith Innes

“For the violence done to Lebanon will overwhelm you; the destruction of the animals will terrify you…” (Habakkuk 2:17 NRSV) These words occur in o

The Church in Action

The Church in Action For some years now the CRES residential has been in Ripon College Cuddesdon nr. Oxford in September.

Clean energy package stumbles at first hurdle

Some thoughts on Speaking Up by Dr Peter Lornie

My Tearfund Prayer Diary for last week included a reminder that July 1st – 9th is the “Speak Up” initiative organised by the Climate Coalition of w


Member stories

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon:

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:
Columban JPIC:

A small group from this country is spending a few days in Pakistan on a learning experience.


Plans are underway to try and improve the safety of Edinburgh’s tramline system for people...

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