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MEPs vote for 2050 climate goal: carbon neutral EU


Safe returns: WWF climate guide shows investors how to align with Paris Agreement


Uneven 2050 climate plans show need for better EU rules


Prayers of the faithful 1st Advent Sunday (year B) (the following may be copied and modified as required) PRIEST: With confidence in the coming of

9 reasons why Scotland’s bus sector needs a shake-up

With a bus sector in crisis, we are urging the Government to give local transport authorities greater powers over the sector. Here’s why:

Christmas Appeal 2017

Father Peter Hughes, Columban Director in Birtain, sends Christmas greetings to our friends and supporters, and invites all to make room in their h

Transforming the City Centre, Picardy and Leith Street

It is not widely realised that Edinburgh City Council has begun internal discussions on a potential major ‘Transformation’ of the City Centre…

What do the UN climate talks mean for Scotland?

The 23rd annual UN Climate Change Conference (COP23), took place earlier this month in Germany.

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December Far East Out Now

In the December edition of the Far East magazine we meet Columban co-worker Juan Carlos Garcia, Fr Cyril Lovett recalls the life and death of Colum


Member stories


Spokes has written to Edinburgh City’s Transport Convener, Cllr Lesley Macinne...

John Ray Initiative:

We are on the cusp of a revolution in how we think about and experience mobility.

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