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We have 4 months to save solar - and thousands of jobs

Government has proposed that, after January, anyone who installs solar panels on their roof will get a tariff of 1.6p for the electricity they prod

Middle East faces ‘extreme’ water stress by 2040

NEWS: Shifting rainfall patterns and rising populations could drive conflict in many countries, warns World Resources Institute

Save our solar: Government cuts would cost 1000s of jobs

They want to cut support for solar by 87%. They are effectively closing it down. You might never make back the cost of buying the solar panels.

Australia ‘has world’s biggest climate policy gap’ under Abbott

NEWS: Country is set to miss its "inadequate" 2030 emissions target due to Liberal leader's attack on green regulation, say analysts

Putting the ‘T’ into LGBT

When Phillippa Scrafton sat her boss down and told him that she was having gender reassignment surgery, she then watched “the colour drain from his

Far East September/ October 2015 Out Now

In the latest edition of the Far East we see the wonderful work of the Irish Good Shepherd Sisters in Asia, we hear tales of reconciliation exchang

Farmers on four continents tell their climate change stories

BLOG: From Cuzco to Andhra Pradesh, crop growers and livestock owners are feeling the impacts of shifting weather patterns

Setting up shop

New ‘shopfront’ style UNISON resource centres offer a new way of organising and making the union visible in local communities, general secretary Da

NASA: Sea level rise is accelerating as ice melts

NEWS: Scientists form new team to address big uncertainties in the pace of future changes to ice sheets and the ocean

Can Merkel’s visit to Brazil make waves for climate action?

ANALYSIS: Four experts break down the German chancellor's trip, which tackled Brazil's low carbon future and the Paris summit


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Columban JPIC:

Following on from the World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation on 1 September, many Christian...

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Business leaders are motivated to act on climate change but don't see UN Paris deal as a...


From Fortress Waverley to Welcoming Waverley!  Spokes congratulates Network Rai

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

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