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Ban Ki-moon: China must offer global climate ‘leadership’

NEWS: UN Secretary General hails Chinese efforts to combat climate change during trip to Shanghai

Over 600 European election candidates pledge support for the environment

Forest fires and warming to blame for Greenland melt

NEWS: Increasing forest fires spell more bad news for Greenland ice sheet, study finds

China outlines plans to triple solar capacity by 2017

NEWS: More ambitious solar target will help China to cut its reliance on coal as it targets air pollution

Shell dismisses Carbon Bubble concept as ‘alarmist’

NEWS: Letter from senior executive to shareholders says oil and gas likely to dominate energy mix till 2050s

Greenland ice loss may be faster than thought – study

NEWS: New understanding of Greenland's glaciers show more of them are below sea level, and may melt faster

Climate change could increase volcanic eruptions

NEWS: Icelandic history provides a lesson in the global impacts of a more explosive planet

Can Peru deliver a successful UN climate summit?

ANALYSIS: Expectations are high for the COP20 meeting in Lima, but success will require clever diplomacy from hosts

Will India’s new PM Modi be a climate change champion?

ANALYSIS: If India's new BJP leader puts India on the path of sustainable development, he could help save the planet

African climate adaptation projects starved of cash, says UN chief

NEWS: Green Climate Fund should prioritise land restoration projects in sun-Saharan Africa, says head of UN desertification agency


Member stories


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All Scottish Councils go to the polls on Thursday 4 May.  You can help make sure the pol

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