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UN forest protection plans could lead to land grabs – report

A future forest carbon market needs to ensure local communities have control over their lands, says report

World’s poorest call for UN climate process to be accelerated

A UN submission by the least developed countries group says that early pledges are key to successful Paris treaty

Analysis: efficiency can be at the heart of EU energy policy

High energy prices, flagging economy and Ukraine crisis should prompt European leaders to push for more effective efficiency targets

Will the European Council add insult to injury on climate and energy?

Climate change like ‘100-year war’ says US Army expert

Scale of impacts and lack of long-term planning could leave world with 'no exit strategy' if temperatures rise

Philippine Cardinal thanks Columban Missionaries

Columban missionaries have been thanked for their missionary work in the Philippines by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila.

News: UK's First PLI into Commercial Unconventional Gas Extraction Opens

The UK’s first Public Inquiry into a planning application for commercial unconventional gas extraction at Airth, opens today (March 18th) at the In

Trevor Manuel: climate deniers ‘mainly in lunatic asylums’

Former South African finance minister says science is now incontrovertible and potential effects of warming world deadly

Rwanda open for clean energy business says minister

Small African country has huge solar, geothermal and hydro potential, but needs financial support

Crimea crisis forces EU to re-evaluate energy policies

It sounds an easy solution, but ditching Russian gas and replacing it with renewables is fraught with difficulties


Member stories

Columban JPIC:

The Columban Missionary Society has produced a statement of policy on Economic Justice.


In early August, the UNISON Labour Link committee will be meeting to discuss their nomination...

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