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UN launches Africa plan to swap kerosene for solar

Nigeria could save US$1.4 billion a year and avoid using 17.3 million barrels of crude oil if it used modern off-grid lighting solutions

UNA-UK interviews Charlotte Gage on UN gender action

Ahead of the Commission of Status of Women (CSW57) and International Women’s Day, UNA-UK's Nicolleen Meek interviewed Charlotte Gage from the Women

Climate adaptation lessons from Philippines’ typhoon pain

Leonard Doyle from the International Organization for Migration explains how countries can prepare for future extreme weather events

Companies, charities, unions and faith groups calling for a clean power target

Leading companies call on MPs to back a 'green jobs amendment'

Ban Ki Moon: green growth insurance against uncertain future

UN chief says national leaders have urgent responsibility to 'craft policies' that will protect future generations

News: Air pollution episodes killing off heart attack victims

Commenting on a new study which shows that people recovering from a heart attack are more likely to die if they experience high air pollution, Dr R

EU Commissioners meet to debate 2030 climate targets

RTCC’s morning briefing on the day’s top climate change & green economy stories

Vote for Winchester Students Union for Ecologist 2013 Communication award

Student Unions from across the UK have submitted their one minute videos that convey an environmental message, in an effort to win t

Piracy and terrorism could threaten UK gas supply

A Year of Faith and Welcome

Fr Jim Fleming, parish priest of St. Catherine’s Parish in Birmingham, had an article printed in The Tablet of 26 January 2013.


Member stories


Something remarkable happened at the Spokes public meeting on

Responding to Climate Change:

COMMENT: Country commitments to a global agreement should be based on their domestic strengths...

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