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News: CLIMATE UPDATE - August 2013

SCOTTISH CLIMATE UPDATE - one of a series of Climate Updates from Friends of the Earth Scotland based on data from the Met Office

Marshall Islands President would rather drown than abandon country

Pacific Island leaders set to sign declaration that they will take initiative at UN climate change talks

Pressure mounts on EU development bank to kill coal funding

Currently half of the EBRD’s US$8.9 billion energy portfolio supports fossil fuels, which includes US$1 billion in past financing for coal

Food Production and Climate Change: A Global Problem Requires A Global Solution

News: Dart attempt to salvage controversial gas plans

Commenting on the news of Dart Energy's effort to raise £12 million [1], Friends of the Earth Scotland Campaigns Co-ordinator Mary Churc

Brazil climate scientists predict country could heat 3-6C by 2100

Study forming part of forthcoming IPCC climate science report says Brazil’s farmers need to work out plan to adapt to effects of climate change

Lord Stern: Cameron’s claims of UK fracking boom ‘baseless’

Morning summary: leading climate economist says Prime Minister's assurances shale exploration can bring down the price of gas are way off mark

Breaking: Activists ‘frack’ Lancashire County Hall

All rights reserved. Credit: Greenpeace Activists 'frack' County Hall in Preston Image caption:  Activists 'frack...

Greenpeace “fracks” Lancashire County Council


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ANALYSIS: Moscow is politely absent from the climate debate, showing indifference rather than...

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