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WDM in the media 2014

23 January 2014

Vivienne Westwood backs ecocide law to save planet

Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood calls out politicians on the 'ecocide' cause by placing business ahead of the planet

Recipe for campaign success

Earlier this week EU negotiators agreed legislation which would see limits on food speculation introduced in Europe for the first time. It follows...

Climate and nuclear threats leave world ‘five minutes to midnight’

Doomsday Clock at 'five minutes to midnight' say scientists in letter to UN chief Ban Ki-moon

Women and under-30s most concerned about climate change

Survey of 700 global experts offers intriguing glimpse into risk perception in latest World Economic Forum study

Toyota reports 43% rise in hybrid sales

Hybrid car market leader now plans to invest in new range powered by hydrogen cells

International award for MRDF partner VAD

UN climate experts warn geoengineering may be essential

Thursday's top 5: World may need to suck CO2 out of air, China becomes one of world's largest historical emitters, senators push for Keystone appro

EU climate leadership in doubt as talks on 2030 targets stall

Climate diplomacy experts say 40% emission cut target will "not be taken seriously" by rest of world


Member stories


The UK economy could be hit to the tune of around £3.5bn a year if the Chancellor confirms later...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

It’s because some of the world’s most vulnerable people are caught in a growing spiral of misery...

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