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Why biofuels are not a sensible solution to climate change

Anders Dahlbeck from ActionAid argues biofuels are threatening world climate and hunger goals and should be carefully regulated

The Kiruna Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council – WWF input


Climate Change milestone demands shift to renewable energy

Figueres: 2015 climate deal must kickstart green growth

UN climate chief tells RTCC agreement must be the start of a transformation of world economy to cleaner technologies & renewable energy

UNA Youth Council Elections 2013/2014

UNA Youth brings together university students from almost 50 branches across the UK who are passionate about the work of the United Nations.

Pablo Solon: everyone must accept binding climate commitments

Former Bolivian Ambassador to United Nations says 'pledge and review' climate deal recommended by USA will not solve emissions crisis

Working for SPEAK has been a pivotal stepping stone in many a career - check out the Campaigns Coordinator role

World continued to warm in 2012 – WMO

The year just past confirmed the Earth's warming trend, which is reason for concern as it shows no sign of abating, says the World Meteorological O

Who is to blame for soaring levels of carbon dioxide?

US and EU historic emissions are vast but growth in China and India has tipped balance

Climate change not simply an issue for the ‘left’

Political conservatives may resist making rational choices which claim to help the environment, researchers say.


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A Rocha:

After explaining that I was going to be the new science teacher at the large secondary school in...

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Veteran Communist Party official set to take control of Beijing's negotiating team as...


Centred on the theme of UN peacekeeping and conflict prevention, this issue features exclusive...

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