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Norway’s giant wealth fund deals $405m blow to coal industry

World's biggest wealth fund under pressure to get out of coal, but analysts say many others likely to take their place

China, India and Brazil could ‘derail’ UN climate deal says UK envoy

Leading climate diplomat Sir David King says some developing countries are too vague about whether they will sign UN treaty

Parish visit to St. Wilfred, Leeds

Parish visit to St. Wilfred, Leeds,  Diocese of Leeds by Fr. John Collins SSC

Parish visit to Holy Family, Leeds

Parish visit to Holy Family, Leeds,  Diocese of Leeds by Fr. Denis Carter SSC

Parish visit to St. Teresa, Bristol

Parish visit to St. Teresa, Bristol,  Diocese of Clifton by Fr. Tom Ryan SSC

UN climate talks: rich nations need to deliver in 2014 says Gambia envoy

Envoy for Least Developed Countries "optimistic" about UN talks, but says rich nations need to demonstrate commitment to carbon cuts

EU energy chief labels new climate targets “stupid”

EU energy commissioner Günther Oettinger condemns the EU's 2030 package, which he presented last week

UK to resettle vulnerable Syrian refugees

The UK has announced that it will temporarily resettle "hundreds" of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees.

China PM calls for national roll-out of electric vehicles

Li Keqiang says more needs to be done to raise use of electric cars, but infrastructure remains lacking

Davos 2014: The arrogance of the elite hits a new high

It was recently revealed that the 85 richest people now own as much as the poorest half of the world combined. Statements from the World Economic...


Member stories


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