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US envoy Stern urges Canada to deliver UN climate pledge

NEWS: Be more like Mexico, John Kerry's lead diplomat tells North American neighbour as it errs in posting pollution-reduction targets

Why are UK politicians so poor at explaining climate risk?

ANALYSIS: Offered an hour on the BBC to explain why global warming should matter to voters, Britain's current and wannabe lawmakers failed miserabl

London academics rise in support of divestment campaign

NEWS: Staff at SOAS and UCL write to governing bodies urging them to ditch nearly £20 million in oil, gas and coal holdings

How three coastal cities are rising to the climate challenge

BLOG: From Rotterdam in the Netherlands to Tarakan in Indonesia, coastal cities must deal with rising sea levels and extreme weather threats

Policy Conference 2015: UNA-UK members invited to debate global issues

The UNA-UK Policy Conference 2015 is almost upon us, and those wishing to attend should register without delay to avoid missing out on this premier

UN chief to address Vatican climate change summit

NEWS: Meeting of top Catholic officials, scientists and economists to lay foundations for upcoming Papal Encyclical on environment in June

Australia’s climate plans probed by UN partners

NEWS: World’s biggest emitters call out inadequate pollution-cutting targets as nations vet power of pledges to rein in global warming

Fracking bum note in Labour's green manifesto - Greenpeace

World Bank cash for fossil fuels: The worst kind of hypocrisy

COMMENT: Increasing support for coal and other climate polluting energy sources undermines the World Bank's credibility on climate change

India considers twin-track climate plans towards UN deal

ANALYSIS: Insiders hint radical carbon cuts unlikely, with Delhi depending on global support to clean energy supply


Member stories


We must call on our leaders to acknowledge the need for an effective global system and policies...

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Leading emerging economies say they want to deepen ties on renewable energy and explore...

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