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Heat-tolerant ‘immigrant’ coral could save reefs from extinction

NEWS: Relocating coral larvae to reefs at greater risk from warming oceans could prevent bleaching and mass die-offs, study finds

Hopes for zero deforestation in Brazil climate plan

NEWS: Amazon protection on the agenda when president Dilma Rousseff meets Barack Obama in Washington next week

What happened to the Airplot?

All rights reserved. Credit: John Cobb / Greenpeace There's a story on the Guardian website today which has thrown up questions about...

The Pope’s welcome environmental manifesto – Rev Dr John Weaver

John Weaver

Opencast coalmine decision derailed in South Wales

Yesterday was a day of high drama in the fight against climate change and fossil fuel extraction in the UK.

The UN at 70

In 1945, the founding of the UN raised hopes for a new era of peace and prosperity. 70 years on, this prospect looks endangered.

Fracking deadlock: Will Lancashire councillors stay strong against the fracking industry?

Lancashire fracking decision: the latest

What they're saying on Twitter  #DontFrackLancs

Alaska wildfires spiral in warming climate – study

NEWS: America's northern frontier is seeing a surge of large wildfires, releasing more carbon dioxide from tundra and forests

EU unveils Morocco summit to gauge climate pledges

NEWS: Appraisal of power of UN country submissions to curb global warming set for October, but organiser unsure who will show


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Climate Change Authority recommends out science-based carbon target as contribution to UN...


Everyone with a bike has a favourite ride.

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

Anti-fracking Labour MP Cat Smith asked Cameron whether he would respect the decision of...

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