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Saudi Arabia ‘committed’ to green revolution

Country has laid plans to procure 54GW of renewable energy by 2032 with an investment of US$109 billion from the government

UN to open carbon market offices in Bogota and Manila

UN's Clean Development Mechanism targets Columbia and Philippines as new regional bases in new drive to boost interest in carbon trading

Sainsbury’s seals position as EU’s leading solar operator

UK retail giant claims its panels generate enough power for almost 2,000 houses, which could cover 35 football pitches

Saudi Prince says oil markets are ‘in decline’

Billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal writes open letter to oil minister saying production is "in a clear and continuous decline"

Supercomputers take the US electric grid to the next level

A new laboratory in Colorado is helping scientists to figure out how to incorporate renewable technology into the US electric grid

Alaska forest fires ‘worst for 10,000 years’

Recent fires in the forests of Alaska have been the worst for 10,000 years - and they could happen elsewhere in this warming world researchers say

Marshall Islands demand “climate leadership” from Australia

Vice President says 'big brothers' Australia and New Zealand have vital role to play in taking political leadership on climate change

Texas water contamination linked to fracking sites

Pollution discovered near fracking sites in North Texas points to the need for further research in controversial shale gas extraction technology

EU and China reach “amicable” solution to solar trade dispute

The EU will impose a minimum price on Chinese solar exports, which Commission says will ensure market operates at a "sustainable level"

Obama questions Keystone XL pipeline job projections

Morning summary: US President Barack Obama tells the New York Times the 2000 jobs the pipeline would create are a 'blip'


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World Development Movement:

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