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Summit of the Americas offers chance for US-Latin climate diplomacy

ANALYSIS: Trade, security and migration set to dominate key continental meet, but climate progress likely behind closed doors

India turns back clock to save water, as climate concerns mount

NEWS: Rainwater harvesting has transformed Rajasthan, and could be used to combat the effects of climate change

Brazil eyes solar as drought squeezes hydropower resources

NEWS: Drought-hit Brazil is turning to the solar energy source once dubbed a fantasy by the country’s president

Three lessons the Iran nuclear deal can teach climate negotiators

ANALYSIS: Proposed Paris deal runs to over 100 pages but to secure agreement envoys need a plan to manage the toxic politics

Six Greenpeace climbers scale Shell’s Arctic-bound oil rig

Columban Mission Exposure Trip to the US/Mexico Border (3) Good Friday Walks,

Time and distance seem to fade away on such a day—another man was raised into the sky, nailed to wood, the same sky, as if happening right now.

Celebrating Young People Awards

Columban JPIC is supporting Catholic youth charity Million Minutes which has organised the first ever Celebrating Young People Awards.

Columban Mission Exposure Trip to the US/Mexico Border (2)

A small group of Columban contacts in Britain is spending Holy Week 2015 on a Columban Mission Exposure Visit to Texas and Mexico, exploring issues

Revolution of the heart

What brought about his shameful torture, humiliation and excruciating execution as a criminal on a Roman cross is what we need to ask and answer ev

800 candidate MPs oppose fracking. Where do yours stand?

All rights reserved. Credit: Kristian Buus / Greenpeace Greenpeace activists 'frack' David Cameron's countryside home Image caption...


Member stories


Spokes is putting on 4 events during the 2018 Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, including a major...

Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon:

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