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Ukraine crisis should boost renewables, says G7

NEWS: G7 energy security meeting focuses on renewables, but also pushes for new fossil fuel supplies and infrastructure

Stanford University divestment is a warning to coal industry

ANALYSIS: Stanford's divestment from the coal industry could mark beginning of a new wave of investor action on climate change

Climate change will worsen US ozone pollution

NEWS: Tougher air pollution standards needed in face of increasing levels of ozone, conclude scientists in new study

Stanford University to end investment in coal

NEWS: Prestigious American university pledges to divest its $18.7bn endowment fund from coal industry


Our friends at Time to Turn are winding down

Climate change ‘moves into the present’, says US government report

NEWS: Climate change already having visible impacts across US, and temperatures could rise another 2.2C in coming decades

Rising US gas price supports “significant” return to coal burning

NEWS: Gas plants lose out to more polluting coal as prices rise, says Bank of America Merrill Lynch report

Support builds for global carbon price at Abu Dhabi Ascent

NEWS: World Bank and Al Gore call for 'polluter pays' principle to be implemented across global economy

Ocean warming could weaken East Antarctic ice sheets

NEWS: Unstable ice sheet could cause ocean to rise by 4 metres in an 'irreversible' cycle of melting, say scientists


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Lord Browne-led panel to present fossil fuel industry with set of plans in November on how...

Columban JPIC:



“Most of us are women, and lots of us are single parents, so it was a massive decision to go on...

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