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Top coal funder Deutsche Bank to become Green Climate Fund partner

NEWS: German giant one of 13 new organisations to join forces with flagship fund, but questions raised over fossil fuel backing

The recognition of rights of the elderly in Cameroon

Often when I think about the elderly in our own society I’m conscious I have a sense of unease.

What does historic court ruling mean for Dutch climate policy?

ANALYSIS: After last month's landmark legal verdict, Netherlands politicians must consider deep emissions cuts

New Zealand climate pledge a ‘slap in the face’ to Pacific islands

NEWS: Analysts and NGOs condemn plan to slash emissions 11% on 1990 levels by 2030, but govt maintains it is ambitious

Martin Hodson reviews “Postcards from the Middle East. How our family fell in love with the Arab world” (Chris Naylor)

Dr Martin J Hodson

Close the dangerous emissions gap in 10 steps – report

NEWS: Commission headed by former Mexico president Felipe Calderon flags opportunities for green growth

Shale gas export terminals don’t fit with climate action – research

NEWS: Investment in infrastructure to liquefy gas for the global market won't pay off if warming is held to 2C, say analysts

Climate change is a matter of human rights, agrees UN

NEWS: Geneva-based Human Rights Council adopts resolution to help world's most vulnerable countries in face of global warming

Pakistan policies to tackle climate a ‘joke’, says Imran Khan

INTERVIEW: Influential politician tells RTCC country needs strategic approach to invest in green energy and prepare for extreme weather

World carbon emissions in one handy graphic

NEWS: This metric breaks down how much CO2 countries are pumping skyward - and which sector has the greatest footprint


Member stories

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