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Exxon and Chevron prone to ‘groupthink’ on climate – study

NEWS: Lack of diversity on boards makes US oil majors particularly liable to ignore carbon risk, find Oxford University researchers

Top climate envoys confident Paris on course for success

NEWS: Summary of negotiator meetings show broad strokes of global climate pact, though carbon cuts unlikely to be legally binding

EU carbon market compromise pleases no-one

NEWS: Environmentalists criticise freebies to polluters, while business lobby claims carbon costs will drive manufacturing overseas

Muslim scholars name climate change as dire threat

NEWS: Islamic declaration adds to growing pressure religious leaders exert on richer nations to reduce impact on Earth's climate

EU moves towards ratifying Kyoto Protocol extension

NEWS: Brussels says bloc will sign off beleaguered treaty before successor crafted at key climate summit

Chevron’s US media strategy: write the headlines

NEWS: Oil giant created its own local news outlet in 2014, determined to have its voice heard at home to key refinery

Fossil fuels are the ‘enemy’, OECD chief tells Addis finance meet

NEWS: Question of how best to fund climate change action dominates UN financing for development summit

Emission Trading System: Post-2020 reform must be rescued from redundancy

Illegal logging resurges on Chinese timber demand – report

NEWS: US and EU border controls have less influence on illicit trade as demand shifts to emerging economies, finds Chatham House

India, Australia to post climate pledges in August – sources

NEWS: Major carbon polluters set timelines for draft contributions to UN global climate pact


Member stories

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