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Bird flu offers lesson in averting climate calamity, says UK envoy

NEWS: 2005 pandemic made leaders consider all scenarios. The same must apply for global warming, argues Sir David King

What could a legally binding UN climate deal look like?

ANALYSIS: Countries agreed to target a 'legally binding' climate pact in 2011, but four years later it's still not clear how it will look

London Underground hosts gallery of A-list celebrities in call to Save the Arctic

Oxfam chief calls on BRICS to take development finance lead

NEWS: Winnie Byanyima warns of vacuum left by European Union backing away from poverty reduction leadership role

Too few scientists track loss of Himalayan glaciers

NEWS: Millions rely on meltwater from Asia's water towers, but lack of expertise and manpower hampers the study of climate impacts

BRICS leaders back global climate change pact

CRIB NOTES JULY 13-17: Ufa ends with Paris pledge, Addis set for finance meet, Australia primed to deliver INDC

Financing for Development: What to expect from UN Addis Ababa summit

NEWS: Success of global climate pact and new development goals hangs on four-day finance meet in Ethiopia

‘Laudato Si’: Columban Study and Action Guide

This programme provides notes for 6- 7 meetings, based on the encyclical ‘Laudato Si’.

‘Creative accounting’ means New Zealand emissions could rise – analysts

NEWS: Wellington's climate pledge is 'inadequate' to hold global temperature rise to 2C, says Climate Action Tracker


Member stories


UNISON members joined hundreds of women lobbying for pensions equality in Westminster today.

Columban JPIC:

Cardinal Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of...


Following the UK's vote to leave the EU, the UN Secretary-General has affirmed that the UK will...

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