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Climate change is worsening California drought – study

NEWS: State could be in "more or less permanent" drought by 2060s, researchers warn as four-year dry spell takes its toll

Tackling climate not in Poland’s interest, says Duda

NEWS: New president warns Warsaw will push EU for more concessions on its greenhouse gas emissions and coal use

China carbon emissions overestimated by 14% – report

GUARDIAN: New analysis takes fuel quality into account for first time, but China is still world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases

WWF and National Geographic Teaming Up in "Last Ice Area"


Marine robots set out to explore hotspot for whales and dolphins

Why coal miners need a moratorium (but can’t ask)

ANALYSIS: Australia's dash for coal threatens existing miners as well as the climate, argues The Australia Institute's Richard Denniss

Council cuts could mean more children in need let down

August is usually the middle of the media’s ‘silly season’ between Parliament breaking up for the summer holiday and the party conferences in Septe

Glencore results show more pain for coal sector

NEWS: Climate change risk recognised as share price for commodities giant hits record low on first half earnings slump

India ‘central to Paris success’ say small island states

NEWS: PM Modi billed 'clean energy crusader' ahead of regional forum, but must 'lead from front' on climate

Will the clean energy revolution be good for women?

NEWS: As energy system goes clean, it will become "more local, more human in scale and more digital", says BNEF founder


Member stories

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