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New Columban Superior General


Landmark scientific report expected to benchmark scale of climate action needed to reduce global warming

Invitation to Mission Programme 2019

New report calls for 'decisive and urgent' action on climate change from Scottish Government

A new report shows that the Scottish Government must urgently strengthen its plans on climate change, campaigners

BBC, Climate Change and ‘catching up’ by Dr Andrew Wright

Early in September, I came across a piece on the Internet that reported a statement by the BBC regarding its policy on climate change.   I read it

Every Common Bush Afire by Revd Richard Clarkson

Every Common Bush Afire Creationtide Week Four This is the fourth week of a series of daily reflections for the Season of Creationtide (which runs

WWF condemns BusinessEurope's strategy to undermine climate change actions

Scots demand politicians stop gambling with our future

Today (Wednesday 19th September) people from all walks of life, from Inverness to Paisley to Aberdeen to Dumfries, joined forces to call for more

Global Climate Action Summit commitments increase bottom-up pressure to raise global climate ambition


Global Business, Government and Agricultural Leaders Announce Land-Focused Commitments to Mitigate Climate Change


Member stories

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