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Scots get ready to log on to first ever online climate change debate

John Swinney meets voters in Perthshire North

Environment on the menu at climate cafes

Cake, a cuppa and climate change will all be on the menu this spring as a series of special events aims to give voters across Scotland the chance t

SCCS 'disappointed' by Scottish Government’s lack of public engagement on climate change

A civil society group representing over two million Scots has responded with “disappointment” to today’s publication of the Scottish Government’s P
Delegates as the Cancun climate talks draw to a close

Mixed progress sets the stage for major progress in South Africa

As the UN climate conference in Cancun finishes, the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition urged Governments to build on the progress made and aim

Scottish Parliament must unite again to improve climate change action plan

Crunch time for MSPs on climate change

Members disappointed at E.ON green jobs decision

(25/10/10) Company drops plans for revolutionary new power station

SCCS comment on revised annual targets for Scotland

The Scottish Government has today provided revised proposals for annual targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland between now and 2

SCCS calls on Ministers to strengthen climate change legislation: public bodies duty

Climate campaigners today called on Ministers to use their powers to strengthen Scotland's world leading climate legislation.

Climate change campaigners can take heart

Climate change campaigners can take heart this summer, after what has been a difficult few months, but should not take their eyes off the ball.

Green jobs can help balance out cuts

(14/06/10) UNISON votes to promote a sustainable future for jobs and the environment


Member stories

John Ray Initiative:

A decade ago we needed a new economics: we still do, by Jonathan Ingleby More than a decade ago...

Responding to the Scottish Greens announcement today, Ryan Morrison

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