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Ethiopian partner visits MRDF offices

Amare Kedebe Wede, Chief Executive Director of SUNARMA, paid a visit to the MRDF offices during a trip to the UK this month.

UK aid to Morocco will fund electricity for Europe

Unrest in Mali - MRDF partners still at work

MRDF partners are continuing to help rural communities in Mali to tackle poverty and food shortages, despite continuing political and military tens

COIN recruiting volunteer Events Coordination Internship

We are looking for an organised student/graduate to co-ordinate our high-profile 2012/13 Speaker Series.

Route 51

Route 11

West Africa food crisis

At least 15 million people are at risk of serious food shortages in the Sahel region of Africa, according to the United Nations.

Connect the Dots this Saturday

Kirsty and family live below the line

MRDF's Executive Director, Kirsty Smith, and her family are spending £1 each a day on all their food and drink as part of Live Below the Line.


Member stories

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