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Winter Gathering of Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network

Mali: statement by Chair of UN parliamentary group

In a statement before the House of Lords on 21 January 2013, Lord Hannay, Chair of the UN All-Party Parliamentary Group, said that the terror attac

Abu Dhabi sets 2020 target for renewable desalination

Plans for a series of desalination plants in the Middle East powered by renewables have been announced by leading clean energy research institution

Climate change hurting Amazon rainforest warns Nasa

Persistent drought since 2005 affecting ability of one of planet's largest carbon sinks to survive

Goldman Sachs made up to £250 million from betting on food prices in 2012

Koch brothers’ climate research agrees with IPCC findings

Climate Live: The latest climate change headlines curated by RTCC, updated daily from 0830-1700 GMT

Mayor Bloomberg: Cities can lead climate change action

New York Mayor praises China, slams coal and says “fracking never killed anyone”

Turkey’s hydropower dreams in danger of drowning rich history

Writing for RTCC, film maker Todd Southgate asks whether the huge dams planned in Turkey, Brazil and China are coming at too great a cost for the e

My Inspiration by Rose Basada

A Columban lay missionary in Birmingham pays tribute to an Iraqi asylum seeker who died suddenly in December.

Tibetan independence day


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