The Climate Coalition brings together more than 100 organisations from across civil society to put pressure on the UK Government to deliver on its commitments at home and show climate leadership internationally.

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UN Climate Summit 2014: did David Cameron feel our love?

After hundreds of thousands marched in Britain and around the world for world leaders to take greater action on climate change, what did David Cameron say at the UN...
For the love of... Bees at the London Climate March

Love ruled at the Climate March

On September 21st we joined hundreds of thousands around the world in calling for climate action. More than 40,000 attended the London Climate March, and the show of...

2015: an important year for climate action

To make sure political leaders know there is strong public support for ambitious and binding commitments in Paris, we need

Push for European climate action

Europe is negotiating a new climate deal in the coming month. The UK has a key role to play in pushing for the ambitious action that the world needs, our leaders need...
Actor Mark Ruffalo is supporting the global climate march (tcktcktck)

Blog: Loving on a global scale

It’s not just us in the UK that have mobilised this September: Hundreds of thousands are coming together to hold world leaders to account as they discuss climate change...
For The Love Of... Summer image

For the Love of...

The Climate Coalition is coming together to call for climate action for the sake of all the things that matter most. For the love of the food on our plates. For the...

What do we think about fracking?

The Climate Coalition does not support shale gas extraction in the UK because the Government has failed to demonstrate convincingly that it will not compromise the UK’s...

2014 Matters: People, Planet and Scotland's Future

During 2014, a series of public events with thought-provoking and prominent writers, thinkers, campaigners and politicians took place to challenge both sides of the de

The UN climate report: what you need to know

In September 2013, the world's leading scientists published the most comprehensive report on climate change ever written. Its findings should be seen as a call to action...

We Want to See Double

Please add your voice to the growing number of people across Scotland that are calling for more investment in cycling and for pedestrian


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