Aviation and Shipping emissions in the Climate Act


In Autumn 2012 we joined others in campaigning to for the government to include emissions from Aviation and Shipping in the Climate Act targets.  
What we were campaigning for
When the Climate Change Act was first made into law in 2008, greenhouse gas emissions from international aviation and shipping were provisionally included. The government was required to decide by the end of 2012 whether to enact this part of the Climate Act.
What happened
This decision has now also been put off until 2016, until there is more clarity on ‘how aviation emissions will be tackled at an EU and global level’.
Whilst we would rather these emissions were embedded into the Climate Act now, this does mean these emissions will continue to be counted as part of the Climate Act’s targets for the next few years – and the Climate Change Committee have said this decision was ‘sensible’.
Again, thank you for campaigning on this issue. It helped show politicians that stepping back on the UK’s climate commitments is just not acceptable.
This pressure from the public is crucial as parts of government continue to challenge the UK’s climate commitments. So please keep it up, and watch this space for more on the ways you can hold our politicians to account on climate change over the coming months.

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