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Wind company raises $300m in first Chinese green bond

NEWS: Xinjiang-based Goldwind leads race to tap debt finance for environmental goals in world's highest emitting coun

Five reasons the UK centre-right should back a UN climate pact

COMMENT: Key trade partners are likely to be impacted by global warming: it's a national interest to cut emissions argues Ben Caldecott

China: climate change hero or villain?

COMMENT: There's no denying China’s growing responsibility for global emissions, but the signs are it is moving to a greener future

Operation Camp Bestival

Arctic sea ice rebound shows resilience – study

NEWS: North pole unlikely to be ice-free this summer, say UK scientists, but long-term decline continues

Hansen: 2C warming will raise sea level several metres

NEWS: Scientists warn feedback effects will melt polar ice faster than thought, causing "highly dangerous" impacts this century

Ministers to discuss 2C carbon budget at Paris talks

NEWS: French government raises possibility of UN deal detailing implications of a trajectory to avoid dangerous warming

Bullish Marshall Islands aim high with UN climate plan

NEWS: President says pledge won't need a "crystal ball" to work out, unlike submissions from South Korea and China

India should target 2035 peak emissions – UK climate envoy

NEWS: Sir David King is putting pressure on fourth largest emitter to plan for cuts in two decades' time

Oil majors to reveal climate strategy in October

NEWS: Coalition of top oil and gas producers to "announce next steps" ahead of critical UN climate summit


Member stories

Winchester Action on Climate Change:

The UK Government has responded to UNA-UK's peacekeepers day petition asking for official...

Responding to Climate Change:

ANALYSIS: Natural infrastructure is boosting Nairobi's resilience to water extremes, but this...

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