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Government gives the go ahead to fracking in Lancashire

Teaching Assistants deserve better than being pushed into poverty by a Labour council

It was cold in Derby on the picket line this morning, but the striking teaching assistants and school support staff could not have been warmer.

Myitkyina, Myanmar, about 30,000 people are marching for peace

“Today (6th October 2016) in Myitkyina, near to 30,000 people are marching for peace and against the severe active offensive attack of the Burmese

New Deal Secures Path to Clamp Down on Aviation Emissions

Theresa May is not a foolish politician. She knows exactly what she is doing

Today we saw a new Prime Minister set out her vision for the country.

Articles and research

Academic work from James Trewby, Columban Justice and Peace Education Worker. James makes use of this research in various justice and peace educati

FE consultation on employer’s offer now open

UNISON members in further education in England are being consulted on the employer’s “first and final offer” throughout October, in a process that

Bradford mental health workers strike over imposed shifts

Mental health support workers rallied in Bradford City Hall this lunchtime as part of a two-hour strike against their employer’s attempt to impose

Deepwater Horizon: the world has changed, but the oil industry hasn't

A life less ordinary

A young survivor of domestic violence was Margaret McKee’s first disciplinary case as a union rep.


Member stories


UNISON is urging members to sign an online petition to protect the rights of vulnerable children...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

“I hear no objection in the room.

Columban JPIC:

On Saturday 22 October, Fr.

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