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Parish visit to St. John Vianney / Holy Family, Halewood, Liverpool

Parish visit to St. John Vianney / Holy Family, Halewood, Liverpool Archdiocese of Liverpool  by  Fr. Peter Hughes SSC

Parish visit to Christ the King, Llanishen,

Parish visit to Christ the King, Llanishen, Archdiocese of Cardiff.  by  Fr. Peter Hughes SSC

Is this the most blatant invitation to greenwash ever?

BLOG: Malaysian palm oil lobby offers prize for essays persuading people the sector does not drive deforestation

Shell adopts climate plan, defends Arctic oil drilling

NEWS: Oil major agrees at AGM to reveal its exposure to carbon risk, but presses ahead with controversial Arctic plans

Hollande and Merkel back long term carbon cutting goal

NEWS: European heavyweights say global economy must be decarbonised by 2100, back carbon markets to deliver cuts and growth

Nepal: Drop the Debt

As Nepal begins to deal with the aftermath of two devastating earthquakes, All We Can has joined a call for Nepal to receive immediate and uncondit

Giant Antarctic ice shelf could collapse by end of century

NEWS: Satellite and radar studies show that twin forces causing the vast ice shelf to thin and become less stable

Shell's AGM and Arctic oil drilling


EU's legislative simplification agenda fails to live up to an era of increasing environmental complexity


Does your business know its water risk?


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Carbon cuts of 30% by 2025 possible under existing laws, finds WRI report, with tightening...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:
Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

I caught up with the Edinburgh students at Wednesday’s rally for the climate outside the...

Columban JPIC:

“China has 80 million people living at sea level so of course it is interested in tackling...

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