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This Changes Everything 2015: 28 March, London

The climate crisis is the defining issue of our times and will take centre stage in world politics in 2015.

Party leaders respond to joint letter on atrocity prevention

Party leaders Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg have responded to

Should the Green Climate Fund back waste to energy plants?

COMMENT: Burning trash is polluting, expensive and inefficient say zero waste campaigners, and should not receive backing from low carbon funds

The top five green policies that weren't in the budget

by-nc. Credit: Oxfam image from Oxfam's IF campaign Image caption:  image from Oxfam's IF campaign In...

Suicide Bomb Attack on Churches in Lahore

On Sunday morning, March 15 there were two suicide attacks on Churches in Yohannabad, Lahore – St.

Solar Express: Can India’s railways hit its clean energy target?

COMMENT: Cheap, clean and easy to install, a solar link with India's rail network offers huge potential if deployed effectively

Global coal growth slows, but impact on climate set to rise

NEWS: The building of coal power plants is declining, but it's is not enough to avert the risk of dangerous climate change says says Sierra Club re

Sendai LIVE: Final day of UN disaster risk reduction talks

LIVE: Latest updates from Japan as countries negotiate new 10-year plan to prepare for future natural and climate-linked disasters

Green opportunities missed with Budget 2015

Yeb Sano: Vanuatu’s grief is a warning of climate impacts to come

INTERVIEW: Senior Philippines climate official says Cyclone Pam underlines need for effective extreme weather compensation scheme


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Washington primed to outline scale of carbon cuts but other developed countries and...


To mark the United Nations' 70th year, UNA-UK invites communities across the UK to discover the...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:
UK GHG emissions dropped by 8.4% 2013 - 2014

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