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Time for Labour to unite and focus on getting rid of this government

The election results we’ve seen so far suggest this has been a tough night for Labour – especially in Scotland, but they are at least

Election: new opportunities beckon!!

The surprise Holyrood ‘no overall majority’ election result brings a glimmer of new hope for increased cycling investment and will make MSPs more i

Blog: The case of the secret workers

Academy chain job cuts are a lesson in how not to manage schools, says UNISON

Commenting on the decision today (Thursday) by the Academies Transformation Trust (ATT) to announce jobs cuts and a major restructuring across its

University spend on agency staff soars to £200m

The higher education sector “needs to get a grip” says UNISON, after revealing that universities spent £200m on agency staff in the financial year

Remember to use your vote – and use it to support UNISON members

Today, across our nation, everyone has a chance to vote and have their voice heard.

The government’s plans to axe the NHS bursary place our health service in jeopardy

Today the Labour Party are bringing the vital issue of NHS bursaries back to the House of Commons by holding an opposition day debate

Pentecost Appeal 2016


UNISON rep wins praise for work on stress

UNISON health and safety rep Scott Donahoe has won praise from the union after being awarded the Scottish TUC Frank Maguire award at last month’s S

Ask your MP to speak up for student health professionals

UNISON members and everyone who uses the health service are being urged to email their MPs, asking them to make sure they take part in tomorrow’s o


Member stories


Government plans to scrap the bursary funding for students on nursing, midwifery and other...


Meet the Brits working to support peace across the globe and thank them for their global service...

Columban JPIC:

May 24th is the date designated by Pope Benedict  XVI as a World Day of Prayer for the Church of...

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