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Climate campaigners win court case against Dutch government

NEWS: Judges rule the Netherlands should deepen emissions cuts to at least 25% by 2020, in landmark legal decision

Credit agencies are ignoring climate risk – report

NEWS: Projects like Abbot Point coal port are getting investment grade status, but are incompatible with efforts to curb global warming

Proyecto SNACC - Visión Amazónica presenta avances del trabajo en áreas protegidas de la amazonia y cambio climático.


What can we do to protect our natural wonders?

Sunspot slump won’t halt warming trend – Met Office

NEWS: A return to a 'grand solar minimum' not seen for centuries may cause some cooling but won't outweigh greenhouse effect

100,000 people demand Lancashire is kept free from fracking

(Above: Friends of the Earth petition signatures. Avaaz and 38 Degress also handed in petitions)

European countries urged to prepare for 1.5m sea level rise

NEWS: Parts of Europe face higher than average marine surge as polar ice melts, Danish researchers have found

Sunny outlook for solar overshadowed by coal – Bloomberg

NEWS: Emissions from coal threaten dangerous levels of global warming despite surge in renewable investment, analysts warn

Gas plants and cars bring ‘carbon lock-in’ risk – study

NEWS: Investing in fossil fuel infrastructure undermines the shift to a low carbon economy, researchers warn - and it's not just coal


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Government should press for more disclosure on risks faced by oil, gas and mining...

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

Anti-fracking Labour MP Cat Smith asked Cameron whether he would respect the decision of...

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