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Bike Breakfast 2016 #SpokesBB

Despite a damp June 15, there was a great turnout and lots of appreciative comment at our 2016 Spokes Bike Breakfast…

Cutting PCSO numbers has a real cost

UNISON reiterated its call for an end to cuts to police community support officers (PCSOs) after new research revealed that their presence on the s

Standing up to the “easycouncil”

The assault on our public services in recent years has fallen hardest on local government – with libraries particularly under fire.

Barnet library workers on strike

General secretary Dave Prentis took the union’s support and solidarity to striking library workers on the picket line in north London this morning.

Jobs and services at risk in Hull

Up to 300 jobs could be at risk in Hull, UNISON has warned, after the east Yorkshire council asked staff to register “expressions of interest” in a

The labour movement comes together for Remain

It was a pleasure to have the labour movement come together yesterday and speak with one voice – for remaining in Europe.

SGE election results

The results of the 2016 service group executive elections have been published by the independent scrutineer and a summary list of the newly elected

Climate results welcome but more action needed

Commenting on the 2014 climate figures announced today and the news that Scotland has hit its 2020 target of reducing climate change emissions by

Brexiteers Michael Gove and Boris Johnson guilty of ‘nauseating cynicism’ over the NHS, says UNISON

Brexiteers Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are guilty of ‘nauseating cynicism’ in pretending to care about the NHS when they belong to a government

Over 150,000 stand with the people of Lancashire in opposing fracking


Member stories


Following the vote to leave the EU, UNA-UK will work with its members and supporters to engage...


UNISON’s new president is Eric Roberts, it was announced today.

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