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Prince Charles mocks climate sceptics in Royal Society speech

NEWS: Climate science is clear, says heir to British throne, and calls on governments to adopt ambitious emissions cutting treaty in Paris

UK warns Brussels against “watering down” EU climate targets

NEWS: Secretary of State Ed Davey writes to Commission, says credibility of Brussels leadership on climate change is at stake

The EU’s attempt to take leadership at UN climate talks is lame

COMMENT: Brussels wins the prize for announcing its climate pledge first, but it has missed an opportunity to ensure Paris helps poorer countries

UNA-UK Chairman backs calls for veto restraint on BBC radio

UNA-UK's Chairman, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, spoke to BBC World Service presenter Dan Damon about a call from Amnesty International to restrain the us

Europe releases vision for Paris climate change deal

NEWS: Brussels climate chief Canete says US and China must follow EU and reveal commitments to a 2015 UN pact

Obama vetoes latest Keystone bill, Republicans vow to return in March

NEWS: Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell plans a new vote no later than 3 March, but override looks unlikely

EU's climate and energy vision comes with blind spots

EU vote bolsters flagging emissions trading scheme

NEWS: Parliament votes to hold back oversupply of carbon allowances in "game changing" move for EU climate action

Global warming likely to accelerate after “pause”, say scientists

NEWS: Scientists says 1% chance of two decade hiatus - but once it ends, expect rapid rise in temperatures to begin

Hackathon stimulates public engagement on UN issues

Global activists convened last weekend for a ‘hackathon’ to produce digital tools to connect the public to the work of the UN.


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