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Jens Stoltenberg: swift EU 2030 deal will boost UN climate process

Ban Ki-moon's climate envoy says Brussels leadership can help smooth international talks

Challenging both sides of the Scottish independence referendum campaign on poverty

In a refreshing change from Scottish independence referendum media coverage dominated by questions of currency and EU membership (important though...

BP urges progress on global carbon price

Chief Executive Bob Dudley says "technological innovation" and policy leadership from governments key to climate challenge

Resources: 2014 matters

News: Major Boost to Offshore Wind Energy for Scotland

Reacting to news of the go-ahead for two offshore wind farms in the Moray Firth, Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said,

Flooding in Scotland shows need for strong climate change targets

David Cameron must remember the casualties of climate change in the UK and around the world when he discusses new European greenhouse gas targets

UN forest protection plans could lead to land grabs – report

A future forest carbon market needs to ensure local communities have control over their lands, says report

World’s poorest call for UN climate process to be accelerated

A UN submission by the least developed countries group says that early pledges are key to successful Paris treaty

Analysis: efficiency can be at the heart of EU energy policy

High energy prices, flagging economy and Ukraine crisis should prompt European leaders to push for more effective efficiency targets

Will the European Council add insult to injury on climate and energy?


Member stories


There remains an “urgent need” to raise the national minimum wage to the level of a “proper...


On 21 July, the UN Security Council held its first meeting to discuss candidates for the next UN...


Statement attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Syria Representative, on attacks in Qamishli and...

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