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Climate Friendly BoA July newsletter

Resources: Submission to the DPEA on Dart Energy's Airth Coalbed Methane Plans

Friends of the Earth's submission to the Department for Planning and Environmental Appeals regarding Dart Energy's plans for coalbed methane at Air

Pacific Islands meet in Fiji to discuss 2015 adaptation strategy

Leaders convene in Fiji for four day summit as rising tides and storms start to take toll on world's most climate vulnerable countries

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Climate change is kept in the curriculum but it’s a bittersweet victory

All rights reserved. Credit: 38 Degrees Esha and fellow activists handing in the petition calling for climate change lessons to be kept in the...

UN carbon market scheme passes 7000 project mark

Clean Development Mechanism boosted by latest figures, but doubts remain over market's ability to survive slump in price for carbon

Solar Impulse designers say new plane will be ready by 2014

Engineers have completed several tests for the second aircraft which is due to circle the globe between April and June 2015

Pakistan reveals plans to develop 2,500MW of wind power by 2015

Morning briefing: Pakistan has the potential of producing approximately 150,000MW of wind energy, with huge reserves of solar and tidal power

Australia warned to prepare for hotter summers – report

Extreme heat, floods and bushfires which affected Australia earlier in 2013 are likely to become more common as a result of climate change


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NEWS: Christiana Figueres tells business leaders efforts by fossil fuel companies to green their...

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The latest issue of the Columban JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation) newsletter...

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