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Melting permafrost will release more methane – study

NEWS: Higher estimates of methane emissions from melting permafrost could accelerate climate 'tipping points', says report

Natural ocean cycle has offset manmade warming – study

NEWS: A cool phase in the Atlantic ocean helps to explain sixteen year 'pause' in warming of surface temperatures

Solar accounts for a fifth of new US power capacity in 2013 – EIA

NEWS: Solar comes second only to natural gas in new US power, while wind slumps to fourth place behind coal

Climate action is ‘only way’ to grow economy – Unilever CEO

NEWS: Businesses are starting to understand climate risks, says Paul Polman, but governments are failing to respond

Efficiency measures pay off as UK energy use falls

ANALYSIS: New data show UK energy consumption has fallen, while US rises, showing benefits of efficiency schemes

UNA-UK supports calls for independent inquiry on torture and rendition

UK human rights organisations raise concerns over government U-turn on torture and rendition inquiry.

Latin American climate policy weakened by Chinese business deals

COMMENT: China's hunger for Latin American resources is strengthening dirty industries and curbing enthusiasm for climate treaty

Philippine Bishops want mining project stopped

Catholic Church officials in the southern Philippine island of Mindanao have reiterated their plea to the government to stop the mining of gold and

UK wind power must play bigger part in balancing National Grid

NEWS: Growing National Grid reliance on wind power reflects increasing maturity of renewable energy technologies

Action results: members and supporters share gender equality concerns

In advance of last month's meeting of the UN's Commission on the Status of Women, we asked which gender issues were the biggest concern.


Member stories


Commenting on Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election today (Saturday) as the leader of the Labour party, ...

Columban JPIC:

Parish visit to St Mary of the Angels, Bayswater, Archdiocese of Westminster by Fr.

All We Can:

At the All We Can office in London we talk a lot about potential.

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