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IEA: USA could turn to coal as shale gas prices rise

RTCC’s daily round-up of the top climate change and green economy stories from around the world

The hidden health threats of extreme weather events

Cold, mould and carbon monoxide are just some of the surprising health impacts of extreme weather events that fly under the radar, writes Healthy P

Sky Rainforest Rescue wins best charity partnership

“Experience of being a missionary in Chile, 1977- 2005″

Fr. Peter Hughes SSC will speak about his “Experience of being a missionary in Chile, 1977- 2005″.

Thank you to our lay missionaries

On 21 May, many Columbans, lay and ordained and some co-workers, got together at Solihull for a thanksgiving celebration for the three years of ser

Mission Appeals Update

More than 40 appeals have been made in recent months in the dioceses of Salford, East Anglia and Nottingham.

Comment: Health overlooked in our response to climate change

Protecting health and welfare is a central tenet of the UN climate change convention but is largely absent from the debate, says Isobel Braithwaite

Climate change threatens health in the new megacities

With half the world now living in cities, a focus on the climate impacts on health in urban environments could save lives, writes Shuo Zhang of Hea

Champagne bar highlights HSBC bankrolling climate change

Dear Mrs Merkel, please help - I’m afraid of commitment

by-nc-nd. Credit: European Union Of all the shoulders to cry on, it might seem strange to pick the German Chancellor’s. But that’s...


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Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Washington primed to outline scale of carbon cuts but other developed countries and...


To mark the United Nations' 70th year, UNA-UK invites communities across the UK to discover the...

Winchester Action on Climate Change:
UK GHG emissions dropped by 8.4% 2013 - 2014

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