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Conference discusses fighting back against the politics of hate

How did the Nazis come to power in Germany in the 1930s? “It happens like this.”

ILGA co-secretary general says: ‘We are stronger together’

Guest speaker Ruth Baldacchino, a co-secretary general of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), addresse

Delegates back call to improve representation

UNISON LGBT members pledged to work to tackle the under-representation – particularly of young members – at conference in Llandudno this afternoon.

LGBT conference applauds recruitment award winners

UNISON’s LGBT group celebrated this year’s Recruitment and Organising Award winners this afternoon, when the annual conference handed out the troph

LGBT delegates develop themes of inclusivity

The themes of standing together and building inclusivity in the union continued to flow through this year’s UNISON LGBT conference in Llandudno tod

LGBT conference stress that we’re ‘stronger in UNISON’

“Yn gryfach gyda’n gilydd yn UNSAIN” ­– we are “stronger together in UNISON,” and “when we march together, we’re unstoppable”.

UNISON pledges continued support to fight discrimination of LGBT members

UNISON will stand with its LGBT members, against discrimination, for as long as it takes.

Campaigners call for swift action after UN Climate Conference in Marrakech

At the end of the UN Climate Conference in Marrakech, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland welcomes the strong momentum behind the global climate ag

Blog from Marrakech: Still waiting for action on climate change

Dr Richard Dixon blogs from the UN Climate Conference in Marrakech

UNISON’s LGBT members still face continuing prejudice and discrimination, both at inside and outside of work

This weekend UNISON’s LGBT Conference is taking place in Llandudno this weekend.


Member stories

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All Scottish Councils go to the polls on Thursday 4 May.  You can help make sure the pol


Four years ago David Lewis was diagnosed with skin cancer.

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