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UN proposes roadmap to 2015 climate change deal

Negotiating text outlines framework for Warsaw climate pact, but does not clarify when mitigation and financial pledges will be made

Carbon capture vital for China’s emissions to peak in 2020s

Professor Jiang Kejun from Beijing's Energy Research Institute outlines how China could lose its coal addiction

Peru has “no plans” for coal summit at 2014 UN climate talks

Hosts of 2014 UN summit working closely with Poland and France, but no chabce of another World Coal meeting on sidelines

Lord Stern: trillions required for climate change investments

Leading economist says radical injections of finance needed from public and private sector to address climate challenge

Video: coal sparks green protests at UN climate talks

Annual World Coal Association summit fires anger among groups taking part in climate negotiations in Warsaw

Gazprom's emergency ships take a break from “permanent” duty

All rights reserved. Credit: Gazprom Gazprom, the Russian oil company that claimed the Arctic 30 carried something “resembling a bomb...

Summary of paper on population, economic growth and climate change

Government of 'Coal-land' must prioritise climate change

Government of 'Coal-land' must prioritise climate change

Campaigners gathered today (18th November) outside the Polish Consulate in Edinburgh, to highlight concern about the Polish Government’s

Coal industry must face ‘climate reality’, warns UN chief

UN climate chief tells coal summit that business must "transform rapidly", while industry leaders emphasise bright future for coal

Edinburgh conference attempts to ‘privatise nature’


Member stories

Responding to Climate Change:

NEWS: Leading emerging economies say they want to deepen ties on renewable energy and explore...


Sir Jeremy Greenstock, UNA-UK's Chairman,

Columban JPIC:

To celebrate the 1400th anniversary of the death of Saint Columban numerous events have been...

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