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LAUDATO SI – a gathering on climate justice

Local Plan part 2 goes to Winchester Town Forum and Cabinet on 5 and 6 October

Labour’s new kinder way will help to win people back to the party

Labour’s new kinder way will help to win people back to the party, says UNISON

Facility time pays dividends for employers and staff

UNISON is urging all activists and members to get involved in its campaign to get the government to drop the Trade Union Bill and protect facility

Emma Thompson joins Greenpeace celebration as Shell announce end of Arctic oil drilling

Black History Month – a time to organise

If it’s October, it’s Black History Month: a time to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of Black people throughout history.

Leaders' summit pledges 40,000 new UN peacekeepers

Over 50 member states pledged 40,000 additional military and police personnel for UN

High-level UN meeting pushes Sec-Gen selection process forward

At a packed UN meeting moderated by Natalie Samarasinghe, a host of countries called for further improvements to the process to select the UN Secre

Do you live in north Yorkshire? Here's how to tell the council you oppose fracking

UNISON comments on job cuts at Redcar steel plant

Commenting on the news that 1,700 people are facing redundancy after SSI UK announced it is ‘mothballing’ its steel plant in Redcar, UNISON general


Member stories


The Chancellor’s decision today (Monday) to allow the local government pensions funds to come...


All rights reserved. Credit: © Greenpeace

Shell just announced...


Many central-Scotland trains, including Edinburgh-Glasgow main line, are to be replaced by new...


UNA-UK has commissioned two stunning new posters based on the United Nations’ historic founding...

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