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Public services campaign making its mark, NEC hears

UNISON’s current campaign to build support for public services among members, the general public and politicians is resonating with people the unio

How You Can Stand with Standing Rock Activists to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

Right now, hundreds of Indigenous activists are peacefully protesting the construction of a crude oil pipeline on ancestral lands, and they need...

European Parliament must vote for an EU ETS that works for the climate

UNISON wins Mumsnet

We’re big fans of Mumsnet at UNISON, and following a discussion thread about our public service champions campaign last week, we’re e

Health SGE by-election

A by-election will be held for the vacant Greater London reserved (low pay) seat on the health service broup executive.

2017 diaries are here – has your branch ordered?

UNISON diaries are as popular as ever: if your branch hasn’t ordered their 2017 yet, now is the time to order, to make sure they’re received before

Effective coal regulation could slash deaths from toxic fumes by 85%

Climate Friendly BoA October 2016 newsletter

Talks in Columbia to restart, as trade unions still strive for peace

The Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas have both committed to go back to Havana for peace talks, after the di

Spokes Bulletin 126 … Challenges for 2017 … local elections, national budget

In our winter 2016 issue, out now… Edinburgh’s East-West cycleroute; Council elections 2017; shopping by bike; b


Member stories

Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland:

Together with the government's support for fracking, the Heathrow airport decision is an...


It was a pleasure to meet representatives of Building and Woodworkers International – including...

Columban JPIC:

On Saturday 22 October, Fr.

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