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Rich Countries Cough Up (Some) for Climate Justice

Countries from the global north have pledged $9.5 billion to help fight climate change. But it's going to take hundreds of billions more. It’s...

Divestment from fossil fuels: a critical appraisal by David Knight

A new report reviewing "divest in fossil fuels" campaigns - does it work? will it make a difference? Come to the meeting on January 10: Keeping...

Divestment from fossil fuels: a critical appraisal

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China’s renewables could quadruple by 2030 – IRENA

NEWS: Policy action needed by Beijing government for China to reach renewables potential next decade, says new report

Can global warming be limited to 1.5C?

COMMENT: Scientists at Climate Analytics discuss the odds of avoiding temperature rises above 1.5C and 2C

India hints at new focus on consumption based emissions

ANALYSIS: India wants countries to take responsibility for pollution created abroad by imported products. Could this work—and is it fair?

Lima talks to test political will for global climate deal

World Bank calls on leaders to make “sacrifices” in climate fight

NEWS: Jim Kim says 1.5C warming could already be locked into Earth's system, calls on governments to act fast

UNA-UK contributes to expert briefing book on reforming UN peace operations

UNA-UK joins with international experts seeking to inform the work of a new independent Panel on UN Peace Operations.

Podesta: Next president could make or break US climate plans

NEWS: Key Obama advisor says US-China pact could be vulnerable if climate sceptic takes White House in 2016


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COMMENT: A 2015 carbon cutting deal needs a legal basis, argues Sebastian Oberthür, but it's not...

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