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UNISON vows to tackle poverty across society and the deeply divided society it creates

Tackling poverty took pole position as conference got under way in Brighton

Justice Select Committee reveals flaws in employment tribunal fees, says UNISON

Responding to the report released today (Monday) by the Justice Select Committee, which says the introduction of employment tribunal fees has reduc

President says it’s been tough, but we’ve achieved so much

“It’s been an absolute pleasure” – that was the summary of president Wendy Nichols as she opened UNISON’s annual national delegate conference in Br

School support staff facing high levels of violence and abuse, says UNISON

More than half of classroom or teaching assistants (53%) across the UK have experienced physical violence at school in the past year, according to

Dave Prentis joins RMT picket line

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis took the union’s solidarity to striking RMT members on Southern Rail this morning.

UNISON vows to campaign for social housing

UNISON will campaign against the Housing Act and raise the profile of social housing as a resource for all this afternoon, the union’s local govern

Education dominates local government conference on final afternoon

A busy afternoon’s debates on education opened included a commitment that  UNISON would oppose government policies on academies.

Government ‘has turned its back on cheaper and greener energy’

The government has turned its back on the chance to create a more efficient, cheaper and greener energy supply system, Labour MP Alan Whitehead tol

‘We must redouble our efforts build the better society Jo spent her life fighting for”

“Jo Cox died last week in the most awful of circumstances, but we must not let her death be in vain.

‘We can fight together for a more social Europe’

“We can fight together for a different view of Europe, for a more social Europe … that is a Europe that is possible.”


Member stories

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