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9 things we learnt from the latest UN climate text

NEWS: Contours of a global pact are starting to appear, but officials warn progress needs to be radically accelerated

10 ways the the US can meet its climate change pledge

NEWS: The world's second emitter eyes over a quarter cut in its CO2 emissions by 2025. Here's how it can get there

Coke, Apple, Microsoft lend financial support to Paris climate deal

NEWS: Corporates to commit to green investments and clean energy in win for Obama climate endeavour

Pakistan blocks calls to phase out super-warming HFCs

NEWS: Talks to eliminate potent class of greenhouse gases last week failed to reach agreement, to the frustration of campaigners

Norway cranks up plan to be Europe’s ‘green battery’

NEWS: Engineers aim to use surplus power from wind and sun to boost European electricity supplies and slash fossil fuel

WinACC seeks new Vice-chair

Oil majors axe $200bn of new projects, UN issues new climate text

CRIB NOTES JULY 27-31: Low oil price hits big firms, envoys review new Paris text, progress seen on HFCs

How should we channel future climate adaptation funding?

COMMENT: Finance needs to flow to the most vulnerable. To to this we need to understand who's at risk and where the money should go

UN releases ‘streamlined’ negotiating text for Paris climate deal

NEWS: Officials say new document outing proposals for 2015 emissions cutting pact offers 'clearer picture of possible outcome'

Why developed countries should back loss and damage in Paris

COMMENT: The costs of tackling failed states as a result of climate impacts could be far higher than investing in adequate insurance now


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NEWS: Lack of breakthrough on core plank of UN deal tees up November meeting to tackle...

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