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Mr Cameron: Take the reins!

Remember when David Cameron went to the Arctic to see climate change first hand? Well we're not sure he does, so on 21st December, we handed a Christmas card to number 10 Downing Street, signed by SCC organisations and more than 40,000 of you to remind our Prime Minister to take back the reins on climate change. 

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In 2006, David Cameron visited the Arctic to see the effects of climate change first-hand.
In 2008 he helped secure the UK’s world-leading Climate Change Act.
In 2010 he pledged to lead the ‘greenest government ever’.
But this year, he went quiet – while others in his party have undermined his green promises. 
So we asked him to take back the reins and show leadership at home and abroad on climate change by putting his weight behind the policies that will drive investment in renewable energy and green business and support the world’s poorest in 2013 and beyond.
... And I don't mind admitting that getting to meet real Huskies was a definite bonus!

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