The Climate Coalition brings together more than 100 organisations from across civil society to put pressure on the UK Government to deliver on its commitments at home and show climate leadership internationally.

We need you to help build a movement! Please add your voice by getting involved in our campaigns!

We Want to See Double

Please add your voice to the growing number of people across Scotland that are calling for more investment in cycling and for pedestrian

SCC at the Polar Parade

On 15 September, SCC joined the movement to Save the Arctic and paraded through the streets of London with the world's largest polar bear! Find out more about this epic...
Green is working stunt image, November 2011

Green is Working!

Last year, the green economy flourished while the UK struggled, but it needs support. Throughout 2012 and 2013 a huge number of organisations and businesses worked...

Take Action for a clean energy supply

Our Government has a once in a generation opportunity to clean up the UK’s energy supply. Please ask your MP to support an Energy Bill that will take the carbon out of...

Local Connections

The Stop Climate Chaos Coalition is all about uniting diverse groups, and local networking is a fundamental part of what we do. We're building a grassroots climate...
Huskies helping to deliver a Christmas card to David Cameron

Mr Cameron: Take the reins!

In December more than 40,000 of you and many SCC organisations signed a card reminding David Cameron of his visit to the Arctic in 2008, asking him to take back the...
A bike ride in Lincoln for the Rio Connection

The Rio Connection

Whilst government representatives talked sustainable development at the ‘Rio+20’ summit in June 2012, local networks in the UK held events and got 115 MPs to support our...
An African Climate Connection event outside the Senedd (Welsh Parliament)

African Climate Connection

In the run up and during the first week of the 2011 UN Climate talks in South Africa, grassroots groups connected with each other and with the climate talks at African-...

A Spring of Climate Reconnecting

After more than 5 months of reconnections including public meetings, MP lobbies, petitions, letters, a teach-in and even a bike ride, more than 100 MPs across the...
Local campaigners lobby Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister

220 MPs lobbied for the Big Climate Connection

Starting on 5-6th November 2010, people across the UK from all walks of life – from supporters of environment and development groups, to local community groups and...


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